Friday, October 24, 2008

High School Football Players Charged With Raping Cheerleader

From CBS News:

Three Silsbee High School football players have been charged with raping a cheerleader at a post-game party. [...]

The girl told police that three males forced her into a room, held her down and sexually assaulted her, the affidavit states.

When others at the party tried to open the door, two of the males fled through a window of the one-story house, according to police. The third boy remained behind.

One of the suspects who fled left behind a pair of shorts, and later returned and made threats so he could retrieve them, the affidavit states. The police were called about 2:40 a.m., Police Chief Dennis Allen told the newspaper.

What I find most telling is how some commenters filter this information.

mjm117 wrote in response to a comment written by One_Texan about athletes getting away with raping cheerleaders:

Or in the case of the Duke lacrosse team, it didn't happen. If they boys did commit the crime, they will be punished...don't you worry about that. You can calm down about your hatred to atheletes now.

This man names a case, but not one that supports his patronizing claim about how if these football players are guilty they'll be convicted. His claim is clearly false since athlete rapists, like non-athlete rapists, regularly get away with rape. He conveniently mistakes hating the fact that athletes usually get away with rape with hating athletes. If he views One_Texan as irrational while denying that athlete rapists can get away with rape he can pretend that the widespread injustice done to girls who are raped by athletes is nothing more than athlete-hating hysteria.

In the De Anza college baseball case, a gang rape of an unconscious girl was interrupted by 3 women and nobody was punished.

Pro Football player Jerramy Stevens' history of violence began in high school where an assault which broke his victim's jaw was reduced from a felony to a misdemeanor so he wouldn't lose the chance to play football at the University of Washington. Once at UW Stevens faced rape allegations and police gave Stevens' attorneys the victim and witness testimonies before he was questioned which broke Seattle police procedures. Not surprisingly, Stevens didn't go to trial for the allegation that he forced himself on an incapacitated student. Then there were the hit and runs.

The outcome of these cases is echoed in many other cases where athletes were accused of rape.

The reality is that prosecutors only bring cases to trial that they believe they have a good shot at winning. This is true not only in rape cases, it is true in murder cases. But in a murder case nobody takes this lack of prosecution to be proof that the victim didn't really die as alleged. If they tried to make that claim, we'd all see clearly how nonsensical that claim really is.

But nonsensical arguments like that are commonplace when the crime is rape.

The reason for this comes down to rationalization and pervasive rape denial. This allows people who think of themselves as being anti-rape to baselessly declare that the alleged victims who don't see their rapists punished are all liars.

For many of these people it is easier to deny the crime, thereby making a false allegation against a rape victim, than to face the reality of how many rapists get away with rape. For others they simply don't want to see certain rapists prosecuted either because they dismiss the rape as a mistake or because they blame the victim.

Here's another commenter, swingset4u, who brings that accusation of false reporting into this case. He uses the word theory to cover the fact that he's actually making an unfounded accusation against this alleged victim.

When others at the party tried to open the door...Hmmm, I am curious how this is going to pan out...

Theory: When "others" tried to open the door, could they have been adults chaparoning? When busted could it be she cried rape/Sexual Assault to save her own hide? I''ll wait for the rape kit test to form further opinions.

The last sentence which refers to waiting is a familiar lie.

Everyone who views this case as credible is supposed to wait before agreeing that the criminal accusations are most likely true, but swingset4u doesn't have to wait to make criminal allegations since he is making allegations against this alleged sexual assault victim. This type of guy will only wait to see what other rape denial he can get away with.

If the charges are dropped swingset4u will declare himself to be right in his assessment of this case. He won't care about the common lie that rapists make when they cannot deny sexual contact: "She consented." And he won't care about all those who are quick to accept this lie because he's likely one of them.

Here's another comment by swingsets4u:

The kit will be sent to Texas Department of Public Safety, with results taking up to four months. Four months????

Is this to give the Texas Department of Public Safety a chance to beat the "snot" out of these guys then use the snot as D.N.A. evidence against them?

This comment demonstrates swingsets4u's blatant ignorance of the widespread backlog of DNA testing which caused rape kits from Los Angeles to sit unprocessed for a full decade. His credibility is zero and his agenda is clear.

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