Thursday, October 09, 2008

Judge Responds To Rape Conviction By Questioning His Own Rulings On The Case

From KOMO News:

ASTORIA, Ore. (AP) - Half the Clatsop County courtroom erupted into applause and the other half burst into tears when a judge sentenced a convicted rapist to eight years in prison and then ordered a stay of sentence, pending an appeal of the case.

A Clatsop County jury found Wilfred J. Daniel, a 43-year-old manager of a Coast Rehabilitation facility in Warrenton, guilty of raping a mentally disabled employee.

The case was troublesome, visiting judge Douglas Beckman said Friday, because the trial began with prosecutors seeking conviction on four counts of rape, but they went on to seek six more. The judge also said he regretted his earlier decision not to allow the jury to view the facility where the alleged crimes occurred.

"I think it was not only a culpable error, I think we're going to get reversed on it," he said before making his decision. [...]

Blaser said she was shocked by the decision, which would "send a horrible message to rape victims."

Michael Dooney, Daniel's attorney, said he has never seen anything like Beckman's decision in 36 years of practice, but he was glad for it.

This judge is making a mockery of our system of trial by jury. It sounds like this judge agreed with this rapist's rationalizations for why what he did is not "real" rape and is attempting to nullify this verdict.

It sounds like this judge made a fair ruling to not take the jury to the crime scene and to allow addition charges and now that the verdict didn't match his expectations, he wishes he had been unfair since unfairness could have raised doubts in the minds of some of the jurors.

This judge should never again be allowed to hear rape cases since he has demonstrated that he is either a hopelessly biased judge or he is incompetent.

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