Thursday, October 23, 2008

Man Who Paid A Friend To Bring Him Boys To Rape Sentenced

From KRQE:

RIO RANCHO, N. M. (KRQE) - A Rio Rancho family says it can move on now that a man who paid a friend to bring him young boys to rape has been given what may be effectively a death sentence.

"Thank God it's over," the mother of three of the victims told KRQE News 13 after the sentencing hearing Thursday.

District Judge George Eichwald sentenced Peter Durán, 45, to 36 years in prison, the maximum contained in a plea agreement. However Durán is dying from AIDS and not expected to live out the sentence.

This crime is so cold-blooded that I don't have the words for it. But I agree with this mother's relief that this rapist will never be free again.

The man who was paid to procure children to be raped is a danger to the public even if he wasn't personally violent. Hopefully he will receive a sentence which reflects the severity of the crimes he committed.

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