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Carnival Against Sexual Violence 59

Welcome to the Nov. 15, 2008 edition of the carnival against sexual violence.

Thank you to everyone who nominated a post or who wrote a post against sexual violence whether it was nominated/selected or not. Nominations that came in after the nomination deadline will be considered for the next edition of the carnival.

If you support the purpose of the carnival, you can help get the word out about it and all of the posts included in the carnival.

Here are the selections for this edition of the carnival against sexual violence:


In Rape Is Never the Fault Of the Victim posted at Womanist Musings, we get a discussion of a gang rape case in the UK where a14 year old girl was assaulted by 9 boys.

In A question that needs to be asked.. posted at The Hand Mirror, we get a discussion of a previous trial against convicted rapist Liam Reed where he was acquitted of hanging a woman by a phone cord after claiming that the victim consented.

In Cert. Grant: Do Prisoners Have a Right to Use New Technology To Prove Their Innocence? posted at Marquette University Law School Faculty Blog, we get a discussion of District Attorney’s Office v. Osborne where the issue is whether a prisoner convicted of rape can sue a prosecutor’s office to obtain DNA evidence for more sophisticated testing than was available at the time of the prisoner’s trial

In Vindication posted at Crisis Worker Diary, we get a discussion of the outcome of a civil case in Florida.

In Prosecutorial Double Standards - He Gets Off, She Goes to Jail posted at Gender & Sexuality Law Blog, we get a discussion of the decision to not prosecute the former Governor of New York, Eliot Spitzer for his illegal behavior.

In Defining Unfounded Cases And The Relationship To Fraudulent Rape Reports posted at abyss2hope: A rape survivor's zigzag journey into the open, I discuss why a higher rate of unfounded rape cases isn't proof that there is a higher rate of fraudulent rape cases.

In Constitutionality of Park Ban Upheld in Indiana posted at Sex Crimes, we get a discussion of a ruling by Superior Court Judge Vicki Carmichael which came in response to a lawsuit brought by Eric Dowdell because the law prevented him from attending his son’s baseball games.

In Postconviction DNA posted at Crime and Consequences, we get a discussion of a request by a man convicted in an error-free trial to independently test the DNA evidence which was used to convict him.

In Can't Stop The Music, Take 2: Supreme Court Denies Cert In Victim Impact Statement Cases posted at EvidenceProf Blog, we get a discussion about admissibility issues related to victim impact statements given as videos.

In A challenge to severe Oregon sex offense sentences worth watching posted at Sentencing Law and Policy, we get a discussion of an attorney's argument that six-plus years in prison for a woman convicted for touching her clothed breasts to the back of a 12-year-old boy's head amounted to cruel and unusual punishment.

In ‘Visionary’ pathologist gets credit in cold cases posted at On the Record, we get a discussion how cold cases were able to be solved because pathologist Dr. Rudiger Breitenecker decided to save forensic evidence even though at the time there was no way to analyze that evidence.

media watch

In In Texas Hell House, Girl "Deserved" Rape posted at The Progressive Puppy, we get a discussion of 2 victim-blaming skits presented in Hell House - The Devil's Playground, a production of Trinity Church in Cedar Hill, Texas which has drawn protests from members of another church.

In No Better Headline? posted at Change Happens: the SAFER blog, we get a discussion of a CNN headline which turns a girl who was gang raped and stoned to death after reporting into "rape girl".

In future ABC 20/20 episode on abusive ex husbands who sue their ex wives posted at New Jersey Anti-Stalking Legislation 2008, we get a discussion about a potential hour-long story on a mother who has suffered/is suffering from domestic violence and has had a negative experience within the family court system.

In One of these things is not like the other . . . posted at Incertus, we get a discussion of a story where women being raped is casually slid in between the reports of shooting and looting.

personal stories

In Pieces of Holes (trigger warning) posted at Taking Steps, we get a discussion of a rape that was compounded by transphobia.

raising awareness

In More victim blaming masquerading as "help" posted at Diary of a Nobody, we get a discussion of an article entitled "How to Avoid Rape".

In Recap: Our Love Should Not Hurt posted at James Landrith is...Taking The Gloves Off, we get a discussion about a panel discussion at Howard University in Washington, DC.

In Sexual assault as "rough and tumble?" posted at Equal Writes, we get a discussion of schools that frequently dismiss sexual assault between students as part of the 'rough and tumble' of high school life.

In Recent media reports of sexual abuse of women with disabilities posted at F.R.I.D.A., we get information on the news coverage of some recent cases.

In PTSD Is Not An Excuse posted at Active Duty Patriot, we get a discussion about how some soldiers who commit personal violence use their trauma as a reason to escape accountability.

In Friend of a Rapist. posted at Her name is Christephany., we get a discussion about how a rapist can manipulate his friends into believing his innocence so they will terrorize a real rape victim.

In Rape as punishment. posted at, we get a discussion of how a girl's supposedly bitchy remark led nine boys to believe they needed to kidnap and rape her.

In Stephen Lewis on violence against women posted at Shakespeare's Sister, we get a discussion of a powerful keynote address given by the Canadian ambassador to the UN which highlighted how systematic violence against women can be used to disrupt or destroy an entire community.

In Online Sexual Predators Using Blackmail To Get Victims To Cooperate posted at abyss2hope: A rape survivor's zigzag journey into the open, I discuss the way that many online predators are adapting to changes made by children who are taught to avoid online predators.


In “Sorry, but your brother is a rapist” posted at Mortality's Thoughts, we get a discussion about disclosing rape to the sister of a rapist and being believed.

In Coming Out posted at rmott62, we get a discussion of the varying ways that those who have survived violence come out and the varied reactions which follow.


In True and False Memories - a new paper posted at Deception Blog, we get information about a study that compared the emotionality of true memories and false memories implanted through suggestive manipulation.


In Child Abusers: Public Sympathy or State Penitentiary posted at So I've been thinking...., we get a discussion of the need to look back to the source of child abuse and to provide services which can help prevent the continuation of violence.

That concludes this edition of the carnival against sexual violence. Thank you for taking the time to visit this carnival and thank you to the authors of all the posts included in this edition.

The next submission deadline is Nov. 27 at 11 pm and the next edition will be out on Dec. 1.

To nominate a post (your own or someone else's) to the next edition of carnival against sexual violence, use the carnival submission form. If you have any problem with the form, please let me know so your submission can be considered for the next edition.

Links to everything related to the carnival can be found on the blog dedicated to this carnival,

Marcella Chester

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At November 15, 2008 1:48 PM, Blogger elle said...

Marcella, Is there a widget for the carnival page?

At November 15, 2008 5:37 PM, Blogger Marcella Chester said...


Here's a couple links to widgets for the carnival:

At November 16, 2008 4:34 AM, Blogger Le said...

I wish I had found about this sooner. But anyway here is my October blog on Domestic Violence Awareness month surrounding a tragic 1999 case in Colorado.

At November 16, 2008 2:21 PM, Blogger Army Sergeant said...

Wow! I too wish I had found out earlier, I'll definitely be participating actively in the nxt one.

This is an amazing resource! Thanks for having it!


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