Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Daughter Turns Her Father In After Finding Evidence Of Rape

From the Charlotte Observer:

BURKE COUNTY A daughter turns in her own father after finding a picture of him allegedly engaged in a sex act with a 15-year-old boy. Gary Adam Molesa, 64, is charged with two counts of statutory rape and counts of indecent liberties with a child. [...]

"I was shocked, just shocked, overwhelmed, disgusted, mad, sad, angry,” said Molesa’s daughter, Jaimie Pope, while describing her reaction to seeing the picture.
A friend was about to take pictures of kids in Halloween costumes at Pope’s dance studio and gymnastics center. The friend turned on the camera and the picture popped up under Molesa’s “favorites,” according to court documents. [...]

Investigators say Molesa drove the teen to Molesa's house, molested him, forced the teen to engage in a sex act, took pictures, and then downloaded them onto his computer.

First, forcing someone into a sex act is sexual assault so the charges against this man should be more than statutory crimes.

This woman made the only ethical choice even though it couldn't be easy for her to make this choice. The person ultimately responsible for this man's arrest is this man. Not his daughter. Him.

Not surprisingly, the story mentions that there are allegations regarding another child and the police believe there are more victims. Since there are incriminating pictures involving one child there may be incriminating pictures involving other children which can counter the tired old mantra that the alleged victims lied when there is zero evidence that the alleged victims lied.

When a defense attorney has credible evidence that an alleged victim lied or was coerced into making false allegation, that is a valid defense. But that defense is far different from the familiar defense claim based on nothing other than bigotry against those who are identified as victims of sex crimes.

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