Thursday, November 13, 2008

Designer Anand Jon Found Guilty Of 14 Felonies

The jury in the Los Angeles courtroom didn't buy the defense's claim that the victims in this case were liars, but for anyone who sees the 14 felony convictions as proof that the jury was suckered in any way by the prosecution, it is important to note that the jury found Anand Jon Alexander not guilty on 4 felony charges and they were deadlocked on the 3 remaining charges.

Alexander's attorneys maintained he was innocent, saying that there was a lack of physical evidence and that the women lied in court and sought revenge. Defense attorney Larry Levine said he would appeal.

"This case is not over by a long shot," Levine told reporters outside court. "For now, we are disappointed."

Levine said several victims were not credible because they remained in contact with Alexander after the alleged assaults, calling him on many occasions on his cell phone. Prosecutors said it was Alexander who kept in contact with the victims

This alleged proof that these victims were liars is no such thing. I was in contact many times with my rapist for a couple of years after my rape. I often went to his house with my brothers, but I didn't go to have fun I went because it gave me the opportunity to try to make him feel bad for what he did to me.

I did want revenge, but I wanted it because I'd been raped twice by someone who I loved and trusted and who used love to justify his sexual violence.

People who really believe this nonsense that the defense team is trying to sell are dangerous. They can be actively helping rapists while assuming they are helping someone wrongfully accused.

Defense attorney Anthony Brooklier said jurors were swayed by the sheer number of charges and didn't judge each allegation on its merits. "They were a bunch of weak cases. ... The cumulative effect was probably very prejudicial," Brooklier said.

Translation: If they had been able to keep multiple juries from knowing about other allegations this defense claim backed up only by innuendo and bigotry might have seemed more reasonable.

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