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Example Of Selective Application Of Demand To View Alleged Rapists As Innocent Until Proven Innocent

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "The MO Of Date Rapists Continues To Fool Juries":

Have you any comment on Michael Jermaine Burch?

In February of 2007 he was charged with raping a Duke coed in a bathroom at a Duke University Frat party. Burch is Black. His Victim was white. He was released after posting a $50,000 bond(the Lacrosse defendants each had tom post $400,000). While out on bond he has allegedly committed another Rape. According to Liestoppers, he is facing charges, again, of second degree rape and first degree felony assault.

You had much to say about Duke Lacrosse players accused of raping a black woman, an accusation which the evidence(you remember that word) did not support. So, let's hear from you about Michael Jermaine Burch, who is charged with raping a white woman and who now seems to be a serial rapist.

I had much to say about the Duke Lacrosse rape case because of the nonsense which was being put forth as meaningful evidence such as the alleged rape victim being a black woman and the suspects being white men.

While that case was open some nationally known people, such as Kathleen Parker, misused crime statistics to claim that white men so rarely rape black women that the Duke lacrosse rape case had to be a fraudulent conspiracy from day 1.

I answered this man's question last March in my post So much for innocent until proven guilty and I first wrote about that case in the same month it happened in my post Another Duke rape debacle? when those who immediately "knew" that the lacrosse case was a hoax waited until they heard the alleged rapist in the newer Duke case was black and his victim was white to "know" this was no false accusation and to "know" that this man was guilty as charged.

Here's what WRAL has to say:

After getting out of jail on a $50,000 bond, Burch was arrested again Nov. 14 on charges of second-degree rape, first-degree sex offense and felony aiding and abetting.

"I'm mad at the judge," the first victim's father said Monday. "I'm mad at the judge, because my daughter left Duke fearing this gentleman. And if an 18-year-old could sense that, why couldn't a grown-up?"

At the time, the judge's order was consistent with bond guidelines. They were revised in March after a series of cases in which suspects who had bonded out of jail were charged with committing new crimes.

Second-degree rape now carries a suggested bond of $500,000.

The difference in bond was caused by the difference in the charges, not by racism or reverse racism. The old bond guidelines reflected a dismissive attitude about the seriousness of the charge of second degree rape, bad assumptions about how non-dangerous those who commit second degree rape are, and unfounded assumptions about the rate of false accusations.

Now this Anonymous (a regular from South Carolina) who was among those who repeated variations of "innocent until proven guilty" and who regularly bemoaned declaring those charged with rape guilty before those men are convicted seems to be an ardant and immediate advocate for rape victims with no need to call them "alleged" rape victims.

Sorry, I don't believe you, Mr. South Carolina. You are the same Anonymous who dismissed the study that found a correlation between darker skin and forensic examiner's missing external injuries which could impact the outcome of some rape cases.

It's been over a year and a half since this report of rape and the only detail you provide to support your belief in Burch's guilt is his race and the race of his alleged victim. That's nothing more than a mirror image of your position on the Duke lacrosse rape case.

In other cases where there is a second accusation of rape that occurance gets dismissed by people such as Mr. South Carolina as a likely lie from an opportunistic man-hating woman. Serial rapists often get transformed by the anti-feminists into serial victims of fraudulent rape accusations -- unless they have a greater bigotry than the one they hold against women who report their rapes.

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At November 27, 2008 7:23 AM, Blogger Rj said...

Serial rapists often get transformed by the anti-feminists into serial victims of fraudulent rape accusations

Very well put.

What does the following mean though?

-- unless they have a greater bigotry than the one they hold against women who report their rapes.

At November 27, 2008 8:10 AM, Blogger Marcella Chester said...


What it means is that these people will instantly believe a report of rape when the identity of the alleged rapist matches their view of who "real" rapists are (black, illegal immigrant, etc.) so that they are willing to temporarily drop their attacks against those who report rape.

At November 27, 2008 10:16 AM, Blogger Rj said...

Thank you. Akin to profiling, and if the shoe/glove doesn't fit...


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