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Rape As Just Punishment For Rolling Your Eyes At A Guy

Because of the topic of my blog I rarely include a trigger warning. This time I need to do so.

Proceed with caution to read the quote below.

From a blogger who calls himself SP who has a blog to document a healing journey called My Journal Why are women so mean:

[...] so i get on the 3rd floor and as i turn i see this one skinny ass trick who looks like she's anorexic, and she automatically rolls her eyes. i was like wtfff? bitch do i even know you? i mean i haven't even "looked" at your bitch ass to a point where you could find it annoying, i just just happened to see you as i would see anybody turning right into the hallway. why are you so fucking mean you stank ass piece of shit ass bitch? shit!!!

see this is why i think rapes, beatings, and other violence towards women is necessary. it's not something i would condone but for every bitch like this there is a man who would beat the shit out of her and/or rape her. ying and yang in its purest form. and some of that violence changes these bitches for the better actually. it puts them in their place and brings them down to earth. just cuz you got pussy between your legs dont mean you gotta treat other human beings who have dicks like shit. dumb ass fucking slut you should be giving a beating for disrespecting strangers that you don't even know.

Please, any girl or woman who is tempted to respond with an angry comment. Don't. Not because he doesn't deserve your anger, but because some other unsuspecting girl or woman around him is likely to feel the backlash.

He says he wouldn't rape those he feels deserve rape and I believe that is true when he wrote that post, but that promise of non-violence cannot be trusted the next time some girl or woman does something to trigger his rage.

His anger toward girls and women seems to be cumulative so the next eye rolling won't be just an eye rolling, it will be everything that all girls and women ever did that triggered his anger.

He doesn't know how to process justified reactions to his cumulative anger at girls and women. That makes him as dangerous as a land mine.

This boy or man doesn't understand that his violent internal reaction is not caused by that "bitch" who rolled her eyes. It is caused by the turmoil inside of himself which comes from his thinking, his feelings and his history.

Until he realizes this and starts diffusing that internal turmoil, he is a serious danger to all girls and women. The first sign of violence those women or girls may see of this danger could be the violence itself.

If his body language as he looked at her communicated this disdain for girls and women, he refuses to see her rolling of her eyes as a natural reaction to what he radiates because that doesn't fit with his need to blame her for his rageful reaction.

He sees his desire for violence against girls and women as natural and justified, but he is wrong.

He communicates that girls and women shouldn't treat others like shit, but then justifies behavior on the part of boys and men toward girls and women which is so much worse than the behavior he hates.

That's not ying and yang. That's finding irrational excuses for venting internal rage.

Venting this rage will never make him feel better for more than a moment or two because the cause of his rage is not whatever that girl or woman did to trigger his rage. The cause of his rage is inside of himself and he carries it with him everywhere he goes.

Only dealing with the genuine root of that rage and finding better, healthier ways to cope will make a lasting positive difference to this guy.

Having affordable and effective resources for boys and men who think like this but who haven't --yet -- acted on their violent feelings are critical to preventing violence against girls and women.

This will do more than help women, it will help boys and men learn how to live healthier, happier lives.

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At November 06, 2008 1:25 PM, Anonymous Helen said...

Whoa. If you look at even a couple of his other posts, it turns out he's 28, living with his mother and her husband, and is full of incoherent little-boy rage against anyone and everything. He also talks about how he just doesn't talk to women and never has.

In another post he talks about how a woman at a public transport stop flipping her hair must mean she wanted to have sex with him.

I've seen guys like this before, and you are absolutely right about how dangerous they are. There is no overstatement in what you've said here.

At November 06, 2008 1:42 PM, Anonymous Helen said...

It's also worth noting that "bitches" (as he calls all women) only exist in two states:

Reacting negatively two him, for which they deserve to be beaten at the very least,


Not reacting obviously negatively to him, which means they either want to sleep with him or are leading him on to be mean.

At November 06, 2008 3:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm a *man* and I feel triggered by that. Ugh holy flaming hell shit, sick filth pukebilge.


At November 06, 2008 4:13 PM, Anonymous Eurosabra said...

Looks like a combination of social isolation, dependence on elders, social phobia, undiagnosed depression and an over-investment in performative masculinity. His blog bounces around a bit, with some kind of self-awareness hinted at from time to time, but "all or nothing" thinking is typical of social phobics whose depression is linked to isolation. Instilled with the values of a different society--or perhaps one with more resources to care for the marginalized--or perhaps just a bit more empathy--he'd feel the loss of control as Just.Not.Right, i.e. threatening people who had the right to react to him as they wished, with HIS responsibility being self-restraint. I hope the gets help before he hurts someone.

At November 06, 2008 8:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a caucasian male. I have acquired(for want of a better word) the habit of looking at the face or eyes when I meet a lady. I want to assure the young lady I am not checking her out, not trying to undress her with my eyes, so to speak. I have found, with some young ladies, this does not ease their caution. With the vast majority I find a genuine respect and appreciation for a guy who tries to respect them. I treasure this reaction. The young ladies DO NOT behave meanly to someone who respects them.

I actually pity SP for his attitude. It is a tremendous feeling when two human beings show respect for each other. Too bad for him that he prefers to think of young ladies as mean.

At November 25, 2008 9:50 AM, Anonymous Doctor Jay said...

What I really appreciate about your post, Marcella, is its lack of "othering" of SP. He's got some serious problems that need to be addressed, that's for sure.


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