Sunday, November 30, 2008

Stolen Veterinary Drug Likely Used As Rape Drug

From KBMT:

A dangerous drug missing from the Beaumont Animal Control Center is the source of a criminal investigation.

The drug -- ketamine --has been used in date rape cases, and we've learned Beaumont Police detectives are exercising vigilance in watching for it's use in the investigation of "sexual assaults." The drug is supposed to be locked up and used only under a veterinarians supervision. Ketamine acts as a sedative prior to euthanasia.

So often when people talk about rape drugs they assume that the drugs have little harmful effect other than temporarily disabling the victim, but rape drugs can and have killed those who slipped these drugs.

People who learn about the theft of these drugs or the possession of these drugs and who don't report the possessor of date drugs are effectively aiding rapists.

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