Friday, December 26, 2008

Another Case Which Contradicts Women Lie About Rape Bias

From This Is Gloucestershire UK:

TWO police officers were suspended after a troubled drunk accused them of raping him in the back of their vehicle.

But 20-year-old David Hayward of Lichfield Road, Barnwood, later confessed he had made the whole thing up and he was charged with wasting police time. Hayward pleaded guilty to the offence, when he appeared before city magistrates.

Prosecuting solicitor Louise Pinder said: "Police were called to the Gateway Centre where the defendant was in a drunken state outside. "He was passed the curfew time and was refused access by staff. "Police decided to give him a lift to his mother's house and he got into the back of the police vehicle.

"When he got home he became hysterical and started to bang his head against the wall. He told his mother he had been violated and that the police had raped him in the back of their vehicle. "The defendant confirmed the allegation when asked by police and the two officers were removed from duty, their uniforms were seized and they had to undergo medical examinations.

"The officers denied any wrong-doing and, after 93 hours of investigation time, the defendant was arrested."

This case is important because if you believe those who rant about false rape reports you would wrongly assume that only women lie about having been raped. They either claim that men don't lie about rape (ignoring all those male rapists who lie about rape) or they are completely silent about men who fraudulently report having been raped -- which effectively communicates the same claim.

Those who rant against women's dishonesty and false victimhood are unlikely to highlight this case as evidence that men who report rape should be treated in the same way as they want women who report having been raped to be treated.

To treat men alleged rape victims in the same way the "women lie about rape" crowd want female alleged rape victims treated would be, to them, a travesty.

The police were right to investigate this man's rape claim -- no matter what police assume about the man's character -- even though it turned out to be fraudulent. The police need to investigate all rape claims including those the anti-feminists immediately "know" are false.

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