Monday, December 22, 2008

Can A Crime That Happens 248,300 Times A Year In The US Really Be Rare?

The National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS) for 2007 reveals a number that highlights why those who claim that rape is rare are not trustworthy.

The number of sex crimes in this report only includes those committed against those 12 years old or older so 248,300 rapes/sexual assaults (with 11,300 of these being rapes/sexual assaults of boys/men) is lower than the full number of rapes/sexual assaults.

Almost a quarter of a million rapes/sexual assaults in one year in the US alone means that this crime is in no way rare.

The desire by some people to find excuses to dismiss the accuracy of these statistics is telling about why this crime is so common. These people either support certain rapes/sexual assaults by finding excuses to dismiss most of them (didn't say no stridently enough, wasn't injured badly enough, etc.) or they are in such deep denial that the only way they can cope with this harsh reality is to deny it.

While the rate of rape/sexual assault has declined marginally since 1998 the rate of overall violent crime rate in 2007 was 43% lower than it was in 1998. I suspect that those who advocate for the theory that most rapes are caused by hormones would view this as proof of their theory, but I believe it has to do more with our county's mixed attitudes about rapists.

We hate rapists, but our juries still buy the "it was consensual" claim from the defense attorneys representing stranger rapists who are IDed through DNA.

The hormone theory is also contradicted by the 25% increase from 2005 to 2007 of rapes/sexual assaults.

The rate of reporting for 2007 is listed at 42%. Too often the 58% of victims who didn't report are blamed, but the systemic problems which makes reporting seem so dangerous or so futile to crime victims are the primary causes of this low reporting rate.

Only 6% of rapes/sexual assaults were committed by someone using a weapon. Since some people's personal definition of rape/sexual assault requires a weapon that explains why the rape denialists reject 94% of rapes/sexual assaults as either consensual or a complete fabrication.

The rate of victimization for females per 1,000 population was 1.8 and the rate for males was 0.1. Women were victims of violent crimes committed by an intimate partner nearly 8 times more often than men. Many rape denialists claim that these gender difference are myths.

This prevention gap highlights why we as a country need to make effective rape prevention a priority.

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At December 22, 2008 8:21 PM, Blogger Rj said...

Many rape denialists claim that these gender difference are myths.

In fact, that is their main argument. No matter what I have said, or what stats I have to counter it, the insist that feminists fabricated it in its entirety.


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