Sunday, December 21, 2008

Petition Opposing Parole Of Convicted Rapist Who Left One Victim For Dead

There is a petition drive open to US citizens related to the upcoming parole hearing for Munk Caselow Willis who was convicted after he and 2 other men kidnapped 2 women, raped them, beat them, shot one as the women ran for safety, and left the woman who'd been shot to die.

But Susan Waller didn't die because she pretended to be unconscious while trying to avoid drowning in an abandoned quarry. Now she has to go before the parole board in January to try to convince them that this man must not be released from prison.

Willis has been held in the Alabama State Prison for the last 22 years. His original sentence was 2 life sentences to be served concurrently. That original sentence should communicate how dangerous this man is. Unfortunately, too often people assume that those who rape will magically age out of being a danger to the public.

Go to Women In Crime Ink for more information on this case and the petition drive. The last day you can sign the petition is Dec. 26th.

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