Thursday, January 22, 2009

Colorado State University Police Chief Suspended

Before I get into the details of this suspension it is vital to point out that while one man in law enforcement demonstrated the worst traits of those in law enforcement, several other men in law enforcement demonstrated the best traits of those in law enforcement even though doing so was not easy or without risk.

From the Collegian:

While the sudden suspension of CSU Police Chief Dexter Yarbrough last month came as another shocking challenge facing a transitioning administration, several campus officers say his absence comes as a breath of fresh air to the department -- putting what several independent sources called his "reign of terror" on hiatus. [...]

Despite a consistent flow of complaints of harassment, fraud and threatening behavior to the school's Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity (OEOD) and to former CSU President Larry Penley, Yarbrough was promoted last year to vice president of public safety in addition to being chief of police. [...]

The tapes were recorded by Aaron Gropp, a 38-year-old graduate student and former Larimer County Sheriff's deputy. [...]

The lecture that inspired him to gather recordings, Gropp said, was one in which he says Yarbrough told the class "women want the dick, even when they say 'no.' They want the dick."

"In my book he just kind of condoned rape," Gropp said. "I was just floored … that was when I decided to start recording things and file a complaint." Gropp brought his collection of recorded lectures along with complaints from other students in the class to OEOD, but no public action was taken against Yarbrough.

The responsibility for allowing Yarbrough to remain at CSU for so long and for allowing him to be promoted despite a flow of complaints belongs to the leadership of CSU at the time of those complaints and at the time of Yarbrough's promotion.

This suspension is not related to the tapes Gropp made since the official investigation of the content of those tapes was closed.

The allegations against Yarbough were related to more than dangerous comments he made. He was accused of falsifying an accident report to make damage to his police cruiser seem like it came from a hit and run accident.

But Lt. Karl Swenson refused to falsify his report and contacted the DA's office after another officer created a police report to Yarbrough's liking. The falsification wasn't considered criminal and no charges were filed.

In another instance, an officer making a routine arrest from a bank of active warrants was publicly reprimanded for arresting a student athlete without first discussing it with the chief, sources said. The chief took over the investigation and changed policy to provide special treatment for student athletes. [...]

Yarbrough's eventual acquisition of the conference room was never justified to the staff and left officers with only holding cells and interrogations rooms to interview victims of crime, sources said.

So the CSU chief of police protected student athletes from outstanding warrants while putting all CSU crime victims in a hostile environment where they would feel like the suspect instead of the crime victim.

From the description of the newest investigation which finally resulted in Yarbrough's suspension it looks like administrators finally saw something for which they could be criminally culpable if they ignored it or treated it in the same way that previous complaints were handled.

CSU has an interim president and it will take time to see if Tony Frank will ensure that the behavior of people like Yarbrough will never again tolerated or if this move will only deal with one person.

I applaud every student and every CSU employee who filed complaints against Yarbrough and who tried to see that this man would be held accountable for his words and actions.

H/T: Feministing

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At January 23, 2009 12:31 PM, Anonymous m Andrea said...

"All women want sex all the time" is one of those no-brainers. Obviously untrue, yet this justification serves rapists very well because it ignores the need for clear and enthusiastic consent. Any time a man spouts this non-logic, he himself is most likely a rapist. At the very least, he's a total imbicile.

I was expecting you to tell us that someone had accused the Police Chief of rape.

It's also the reason I get so irritated with "feminists" who shout how much they love sex. Duh. Most adults do indeed tend to enjoy sex. It's like they're assuming the Victorians are still beating down their door trying to take their dildos away... But in the meantime, that shouting only bolsters the ideology of the rapists.


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