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Lamenting Man Haters By Expressing Disdain For Women

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "OK Readers: Support Bill To Eliminate Statute Of Limitations...":

I have no quarrel with what Glenn Sacks says. My quarrel is that he bothers to say it. He is wasting his time.

Protection for innocent, falsely accused men and women is so simply one would think even an idiot could understand it, and it is the basis of criminal law in the US.

Yet, you are incapable of understanding it. Ditto for most American Women, twisted with fear and hate by the man-haters.

So, Glen should not be wasting his time explaining it to you.

American men should leave in even greater numbers than they have. In UK, which has similar women, it is reported that one million men are "missing", that is presumed to have moved to a place where innocent men are protected, and women who file false charges are punished.

Anonymous age 66, writing from Mexico where people who can't understand the difference between innnocent and guilty are never put in charge of the bathrooms.

This man takes a typical position where the only "innocents" who exist are those accused of violent crimes. I'm surprised that he bothered to include women in this group of innocents. The majority of those who echo this man's comment entirely exclude women from the label "innocent."

And of course these men refuse to acknowledge that most women who are accused of filing false charges against men have themselves been falsely accused. These false allegations don't matter and wrongful treatment, wrongful charges and wrongful convictions of real rape victims also don't matter.

When he talks of men moving to "a place where innocent men are protected" he is including countries that stone rape victims or throw them in prison for adultery or fornication.

Girls and women who are raped and assaulted and who see their attackers escape justice and girls and women who are raped and assaulted because someone else's attacker escaped justice are effectively erased. Their lives and possibly their deaths do not matter and should not be considered.

Those of us who do consider these girls and women become obvious man haters. It's our only possible motive in the minds of men like this commenter for wanting the statute of limitations for rape eliminated.

If I don't support his desire to have laws which cater to his desires and the desires of other men like him then I hate all men even though he expresses a gendered hatred that I have never felt and have never expressed. To him effective rape laws and effective rape law enforcement are acts of man hating.

Before the US rape laws were updated after the first rape crisis centers opened it wasn't innocent men who were protected by those laws, it was guilty men who rationalized their actions as not "real" rape.

The most extreme injustice against innocent men accused of crimes is the death penalty, but none of those who rant about false accusations of rape expect the criminal justice system to ignore most murders in the name of protecting the innocent. Yet too many people demand that our criminal justice system ignore most rapes in the name of protecting the innocent.

Women who report rape are to be disbelieved but all claims by men of their innocence are to be believed without a shred of proof. We are not supposed to wonder if this man is living in Mexico until the statute of limitations for his crime or crimes expire. We are not supposed to wonder if he sees this proposed change to the Oklahoma statute of limitations as ruining his plans of returning home without fear of being held legally accountable for his actions.

No, we are supposed to see this man as a proven victim who had to flee injustice.

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At January 26, 2009 3:02 PM, Blogger JENNIFER DREW said...

I am a UK resident and I have not heard or read 'In UK, which has similar women, it is reported that one million men are "missing", that is presumed to have moved to a place where innocent men are protected, and women who file false charges are punished.'

However I do know UK cases wherein men who were charged with rape sought to escape the justice process by leaving the country!

A number of women living in the UK have been charged with perverting the course of justice because the legal system could not provide evidence which satisfied a male-defined legal system that the woman/women had been raped by a man/men. Suswati Basu survived a number of men group raping her and when she charged these men with group rape the police in turn charged her with perjury by claiming she had made a false allegation of rape. Ms. Basu was cautioned by the police and it was only due to her refusal to accept such injustice that the true facts emerged.

Men apparently never lie and this belief continues to be held even when men make such claims without any shred of evidence. Women, however are believed to be inherent liars even when there is overwhelming evidence of male sexual violence inflicted on them.

At January 27, 2009 12:32 AM, Anonymous Mandos said...

I'd REALLY like to see data on the million missing UK men thing. I tried Googling it via various terms and couldn't find it. If there's anything even remotely like that going on---at even a fraction of that scale---it would be *very* interesting to see, and it would have profound implications. I hope anonymous comes back and gives a cite.


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