Monday, January 12, 2009

Missouri Governor Commutes Sentences Of 2 Women Abused Prior To Their Crimes

From KOMU:

Gov. Matt Blunt commuted the sentences of Stacey Lannert and Charity Carey Saturday. The two women were victims of rape and abuse before committing crimes against the men who victimized them.

Blunt's office issues a news release about both cases. Both Lannert and Carey suffered sexual and physical abuse before they took action against the men who caused the abuse. Blunt hopes both women can get parole and return to society.

When Lannert was 18 she killed her father who had sexually abused her for about 9 years. She had been sentenced to life in prison without parole and her sentence was commuted to 20 years.

Carey killed her husband who had physically abused her and her son. She had been sentenced to 30 years and her sentence was commuted to 10 years which matches the sentencing guidelines for second degree murder with mitigating circumstances.

I applaud Gov. Blunt for these commutations since the modified sentences are appropriate to the circumstances of these crimes and reflect on the risk these women pose to the public.

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