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Carnival Against Sexual Violence 65

Welcome to the Feb. 15, 2009 edition of the carnival against sexual violence.

Thank you to everyone who nominated a post or who wrote a post against sexual violence whether it was nominated/selected or not. Nominations that came in after the nomination deadline will be considered for the next edition of the carnival.

If you support the purpose of the carnival, you can help get the word out about it and all of the posts included in the carnival.

Before I begin the carnival, I want to again highlight my fundraising effort for my travel expenses to the WAM! 2009 conference where I and my fellow panelists (Cara Kulwicki of The Curvature, Ashley Burczak of SAFER and Ashwini Hardikar of SAFER) will be presenting:

Pulling the Plug on Rape Culture One Word at a Time:
Using Accuracy to Undermine Dangerous Attitudes and Injustice.

I'm actually $20 over the amount listed above. Thanks to all those who have already donated. I'm still far from my goal so if you support what I'm doing and are able to help even a little (no donation is too small), please consider donating.

Read my post on this conference for more information.

Here are the selections for this edition of the carnival against sexual violence:


In Sometimes It's Hard To Be A Woman posted at Deliberations, we get a discussion about the bias women lawyers face in jury trials.


In Algeria CIA Station Chief Accused of Drugging, Raping Women posted at Feministing, we get a discussion of the case where Algeria's top CIA operative has been accused of drugging and raping two Muslim women in his home.

In Shocking Concession Comes out of the Government in Eighth Circuit SORNA Case posted at Sex Crimes, we get a discussion of federal prosecution of sex offenders who moved to different states before the statute they were being prosecuted on was passed.

In "Bad Samaritan" gets 24 years in California freeway rape case posted at Victimized Over The AOC, we get a discussion of a case where a woman was raped after she ended up in the ditch to avoid hitting another car.

In Landmark Settlement In Title IX Rape Case posted at Terri Patraw, we get a discussion of a civil case where a former Arizona State University student who was raped in her dorm room in 2004 by one of the school's football players will collect $850,000, and the Arizona university system will establish a women's safety czar for all three major campuses -- ASU, the University of Arizona and Northern Arizona University.

In Blaming the victim posted at Grits for Breakfast, we get a discussion about comments made by the current DA in the jurisdiction where Timothy Cole was wrongfully prosecuted which blame the victim in that case while refusing to blame investigators who tainted the ID and ignored key evidence from the victim.

In Injustice From Those Speaking Out Against Injustice posted at abyss2hope: A rape survivor's zigzag journey into the open, I discuss the injustice of blaming a rape victim who was led to make a faulty identification and who had a key detail of her description of her rapist ignored.

In Possible Gender Discrimination in Statutory Rape Charges posted at Sex Crimes, we get a discussion about a ruling about why a 14 year old boy was charged while the 3 pre-teen girls he had sexual contact with were not also charged with statutory rape when the Massachusetts law doesn't exempt them from prosecution.

In The Law Doesn't Apply to You (if you a white, male Texas Sheriff) posted at Female Impersonator, we get a discussion of the former Texas sheriff, Bill Keating, released by the court pending his sentencing for raping a woman repeatedly.

media watch

In Sex crime reporting: You're doing it wrong posted at Ideologically Impure, we get a discussion of several stories about rapes where rape is minimized.

In Ahhh, rape culture posted at What a crazy random happenstance, we get a discussion about teens reading a Post Secret book.


In Coming Home posted at Everyone Needs Therapy, we get a discussion of the trauma which comes from actions which might not be considered a crime.

In The Rise of Teen Cutting and Self Harm posted at Spirit Happy, we get a discussion about how common self harm is and how it reflects inner pain.

personal stories

In This is Not Going to Be A Funny Post. Unless You're an Asshole. posted at Law With Grace, we get a discussion about the outcome of a survivor's rape trial.

In A Discussion About Rape Between Two Guys posted at The Frog Prince, we get to see how one man helped another man stop viewing certain rapes as gray or not rape.

In Just so you know, I do know what it's like to be falsely accused, socially, of sexual assault. posted at Polimicks, we get a discussion about the incorrect assumption that women can't be falsely accused.

In Rape Culture on the Bus posted at Daughter of the Ring of Fire, we get a discussion of the dangerous attitudes which express themselves in public when men feel they have the right to control women they don't know.

In Why I Don’t Rape posted at Mortality's Thoughts, we get a discussion of a question which doesn't get asked often enough.

raising awareness

In Yes, Statutory Rape Is Real Rape posted at The Curvature, we get a discussion of those who minimize statutory rape into a non-personal crime by claiming that other rapes are clearly worse.

In The Problem With Looking Into Our Hearts To Determine Guilt posted at abyss2hope: A rape survivor's zigzag journey into the open, I discuss the cumulative effect of believing someone we know to be innocent without the use of evidence.

In Tales From A Survivor posted at The Angry Black Woman, we get a discussion of the apologism spoken by people who minimize the actions of Chris Brown.


In What's your therapy? posted at Notes from a Survivor, we get a discussion of the struggles and benefits of therapy.

In Letting go posted at All Girl Army, we get a discussion of the complex process of recovery.

That concludes this edition of the carnival against sexual violence. Thank you for taking the time to visit this carnival and thank you to the authors of all the posts included in this edition.

The next submission deadline is Feb. 26 at 11 pm and the next edition will be out on March 1.

To nominate a post (your own or someone else's) to the next edition of carnival against sexual violence, use the carnival submission form. If you have any problem with the form, please let me know so your submission can be considered for the next edition.

Links to everything related to the carnival can be found on the blog dedicated to this carnival,

Marcella Chester

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At February 15, 2009 3:02 AM, Blogger Scotty said...

Hi, Marcella,

and thank you for including me in the carnival list. With so many great feminist sites on the net, I have to admit that I often wonder if my occasional 2c worth is gonna make a difference. I do consider myself a pro-feminist guy who could always stand to learn a bit more and while my blog is more of a general, personal nature, I do occasionally throw up posts on sexism/racism/rape issues that rankle me and I hope that if I get something wrong, that you or any of your readers will put me on the right track (my intentions are good even if I'm not as well-informed as I could be, you know?)

Keep up the good work (unending as it is), and again, thanks for the inclusion.

At February 15, 2009 10:29 AM, Blogger therapydoc said...

Thanks for including me. This looks like an exciting bunch of posts.

At February 19, 2009 8:55 AM, Anonymous Camino said...

Thank you for including our article on Teen cutting and Self harm, the majority of women who do cut themselves were abused sexually in some way. We as a society have set women up for a possible life of depression due to not addressing stronger the problem of young girls being sexually abused. Our site is trying to help. Thanks!


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