Sunday, February 22, 2009

Conference On Treatment Of Sexual Abusers April 1 and 2

There will be will be a conference on April 1 and 2 in Marlborough, MA on the assessment, treatment and safe management of sexually abusing children, adolescents and adults. This conference is sponsored jointly by Massachusetts Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers (MATSA) and Massachusetts Adolescent Sex Offender Coalition (MASOC) .

From the MASOC web site:

MASOC is a coalition of professionals committed to stopping sexual abuse through early and specialized intervention, assessment, treatment and management in the lives of sexually abusive children and youth.

This work is very important since sexually abusive behavior is not caused by hormones as too many people continue to believe and because there are many dangerous myths being circulated by people who claim to be experts.

If sexual offending can be caught early and those who commit this type of crime can be dealt with respectfully, and with full accountability for their actions, that will help many people including those who commit sex crimes.


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