Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Alleged Proof Of Bias Toward Women

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Catholic College Can't Tell Rape From Consent So ....":

Knowing parties involved in this case and their relationship beforehand, rape is extremely doubtful. I wish people wouldn't slander those involved without knowing both sides of the story and base their opinions fully on a one-sided article posted by WWeek. This just proves how biased the system is in America toward women (I'm female), what about men falsely accused of rape? This has happened many times before and will continue to happen. What about women "raping" men? I have several male friends who have woken up to girls having sex with them or blacking out and finding out intercourse had occurred.
To Anonymous,

Knowing the people involved is not evidence and is at least as one-sided as the article you disdain. Prior relationship does not prove or even imply consent. What it does prove is that irrelevant information and general opinions about people often trump evidence or lack of evidence. Your attitude about prior behavior and prior relationships actually encourages those considering rape. They rely upon people like you to champion them as wrongfully accused if they decide to commit rape.

Your comment proves that your moral code is that harsh judgments against those who have not been convicted of any crime or offense are fine as long as they are directed at a girl or woman who reported having been raped.

When you say we shouldn't be biased toward girls and women who report rape, you lose credibility as someone seeking balance when you communicate your bias against girls and women who reported rape. Your comment makes a specific accusation and yet you refuse to be held personally responsible for that accusation by providing your name. Anonymous smears only make you look bad to those who don't share your bigotry.

According to you, we shouldn't believe girls and women but we should believe all boys and men who accuse girls and women of committing rape or of lying about having been raped. You have no more evidence that those male friends of yours were raped or were wrongfully accused than you have that the woman in this case wasn't raped. Yet because of your bias you repeat allegations made by men as if they were proven fact.

You lament false allegations but have no concern for those made against girls and women.


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At September 15, 2009 6:44 AM, Anonymous Jane said...

I don't understand how women can go against other women. Makes you question what some people are trying to defend when they are defending possible rapists?

It also makes me question if this Anonymous is actually a woman. They think that if they define their gender then what they say must be the truth, and not be ignorant.

If this person is a woman, then I feel it could mean that rape and other crimes of the nature are being blind folded by bigots.


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