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Bill O'Reilly Comments At Fundraiser Highlight Why People Were Outraged That He Was At That Fundraiser

I've seen the following quote at several right wing blogs:

Bill O'Reilly eviscerated the "evil" Far Left loons for attacking rape victim Alexa Branchini at a fundraiser this past week in Florida.
The usage of "eviscerated" to describe what O'Reilly said is fascinating because O'Reilly's history of verbally eviscerating people who have been victims of violent crime is the exact reason so many people protested O'Reilly's presence at a fundraiser for The It Happened to Alexa Foundation.

The pre-invitation eviscerations committed by Bill O'Reilly which many people highlighted were against women who have been raped and/or murdered. Yet O'Reilly hasn't limited his eviscerations to women crime victims.

O'Reilly eviscerated kidnapping victim Shawn Hornbeck (he defended his remarks as having been taken out of context) and has never apologized for what he said. Does this mean that a boy scared for his life and the life of his family was also a far left loon? Why else would O'Reilly eviscerate him on national TV?

But apparently, "loon" wasn't enough for at least one blogger:

Left Wing Loons Attack Rape Victim for Associating with Bill O'Reilly? These radical left wing loons are right out of Nazi Germany.
The site where I found this gem which compares people using their constitutional right of free speech to the crimes of the Nazis mixes "conservative" and "intelligence" in the title yet this quote shows that combo to be an oxymoron in at least one instance.

O'Reilly's decision to frame the criticism of the Alexa Foundation as an attack on a rape victim is interesting because I've seen no documentation that Alexa was the one who invited him to speak. She's not the director of this foundation. It seems that O'Reilly has chosen to use a rape victim as a shield to protect himself.

Frankly, I find that as deeply disturbing as his history of verbally eviscerating certain crime victims.

Many of those who protested the decision of this foundation to invite O'Reilly are survivors of sexual violence yet because they are tagged as "far left loons" attacking those rape victims is acceptable or even admirable.

Another pro-O'Reilly man (I won't link) has weighed in, highlighting his own bigotry while attacking others.

Watch a Fox News crew ambush pro-rape blogger Amanda Terkel, who judging by her appearance, is in no danger of ever being raped.

This statement is more than offensive, it is close to an admission that the man making this statement is a rapist who is informing everyone that he would never select Terkel as his victim.

Telling a woman that you and other likeminded men would never rape her -- but only because of her appearance -- doesn't insult that woman. It shows that the modifier "pro-rape blogger" is misplaced and should be assigned to the man who wrote this statement.

Apparently, O'Reilly's prodution team tailed Terkel for 2 hours before O'Reilly staffer Jesse Watters ambushed her on camera. Here's Terkel's account of that ambush.

This blog headline at The Jabberin' Wookie captures the crux of Bill O'Reilly's credibility problem: Bill O’Reilly Stalks Women To Tell Them How Important Their Safety Is To Him

Bill O'Reilly's credibility problems go beyond comments he's made on-air or actions taken by his staff. The sexual harassment lawsuit which he settled out of court bring up serious questions about O'Reilly's understanding of appropriate sexual boundaries.

But maybe someone at the Alexis Foundation decided that all publicity is good publicity and who better to generate controversy than Bill O'Reilly? They may be right that this controversy will help them raise funds, but at what cost?

A significant amount of the support for Bill O'Reilly has come from people who unintentionally highlight why rape is so common. And since those working to prevent sexual violence are often dismissed as "far left loons" O'Reilly's presence at that fundraiser may further motivate those people to fight efforts to reduce rape and to reduce the trauma of rape victims who file police reports.


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