Monday, March 02, 2009

An Example Of Rare Case Where Police Rushed In To Make A Arrest

From the cm-life report on the preliminary hearing on Friday in Isabella County Circuit Court:

The victim of an alleged attempted rape by a former Central Michigan University football player said her attacker, Darren Paul Martin III, had been acting strange since his removal from the team. [...]

After speaking to Martin on the Sunday before the incident, she said she went to check on him at the request of his worried girlfriend and family members around 8 p.m., Tuesday Jan. 20. She said she was on the phone with her boyfriend when she arrived at Martin's apartment, located in the 1400 block of E. Bellows St. [...]

She said Martin then pushed her down on the couch non-aggressively, grabbed her pants and pulled them off, she testified. "'What are you doing? Stop, this isn't you!'" she yelled.

He attempted to sexually penetrate her three times, she said. She started to kick him in the head, yelling to her boyfriend on the phone.

After she got away she went to her boyfriend's apartment and then home where the police contacted her.

In most cases where a friend alleged an attack by another friend the police will only try to interview the alleged attacker. This case which fits many people's stereotypes about how police respond to all reports of rape is in fact an exception. The police went to Martin's apartment and they kicked his door in.

The original attack is itself an exception from the moment Martin opened his door without any clothes on. The victim was on the phone with her boyfriend during the entire attack.

Since Martin was described as having big eyes and acting totally out of character and his family was concerned about him, the police may have been concerned about an overdose. His reaction to the police reflects the alleged victim's words to Martin, "Stop, this isn't you!"

Martin was tasered, but using a type of taser which only has a localized effect. This seems like a good choice in this situation since this type of scenario is one where people who were tasered have died. Clearly the police where not merely trying to make an arrest since they had an ambulance take him to the hospital.

In cases where people have died after being tasered the autopsies found that the taser didn't directly kill the person. If someone's system is already out of control due to drugs the full taser may cause that out of control system to completely fail.

In cases where those who are tasered seem to be under the influence those people need to be medically evaluated before they are taken to jail. Even if the taser doesn't contribute to harm, the drugs in someone's system may be at a life threatening level.

According to the report, at the hospital Martin had mood swings for an hour and a half.

This is an area where I believe there needs to be more study about whether there is a safer way to approach a suspect who is contained and not a threat to others. There may not have been a safer way to handle this man since waiting could have had the potential of allowing the situation to become more dangerous. When someone acts the way Martin is described as acting is holding a knife too often the police may be put into a situation where lethal force is required to prevent harm to police or bystanders.


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