Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Myth Of Male Predatory Sexual Behavior

On the blog False Rape Society, a current rant is about the supposed "myth of male predatory sexual behavior." I won't link, but it's easy to find for those who want to read this rant for themselves.

According to FRS, those who speak out against pervasive sexual violence are described as furthering hysteria. Yet using FRS's own standards that means that FRS was founded with the sole mission to support and build the "myth of female dishonesty" and to generate hysteria against those who report having been raped.

Frequent tools of this false rape hysteria include Eugene Kanin's study which incorrectly conflated confessions from 41% of women who reported rape with the proven rate of fraudulent reports in that jurisdiction. There is research on police interrogations and false confessions but most of it focuses solely on those accused of committing violent crime while ignoring that these same techniques have been used against rape victims.

Another tool of false rape hysteria is the FBI unfounded statistics which is dependant on ignoring the fact that there is no standard for what makes a case unfounded. The most recent study being cited was conducted in India which found that 18% of rape cases were declared to be false which is different from a study which found that 18% of rape cases were proven false.

This false rape hysteria is what led to wrongful charges against a Madison, Wisconsin woman who was raped by a stranger. Only when the book about her case, Cry Rape, was about to be released did the city agree to a settlement. Most other rape victims who are wrongfully accused by the police don't have forensic evidence which can exonerate them and result in the conviction of the person was actually guilty. The rapist.

This seemingly acceptable hysteria against those who report having been raped helps rapists get away with rape in the name of protecting the innocent. Many of those who agree with FRS advocate for never prosecuting rape when there are no "neutral" witnesses and no undeniable physical injuries. This advocacy demands widespread injustice and this is viewed as acceptable as long as those on the receiving end of that injustice were also raped.

Male predatory sexual behavior is supposedly a myth, but on the FRS blog, the behavior of alleged rapists which can't be denied has been dismissed as garden variety male sexual aggression.

Except in extreme cases these are the same behaviors.

FRS frames this behavior as normal and acceptable while I and many others view this behavior as common, unacceptable and illegal when this results in sexual contact without freely given consent.

Predatory thinking allows a boy or man to proceed when consent is not clear as long as he can claim ignorance about the other person's lack of consent. The FRS blog has attacked "no means no" so that even clear statements of non-consent should be viewed as meaningless. This thinking can allow girls and women to proceed as well when there is no consent, but they are not defended with equal zeal.

The argument that FRS has then is not over behavior or how common that behavior is but over how aggressive boys and men are allowed to be toward someone who hasn't consented before that behavior is seen as unacceptable and/or illegal.


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At March 12, 2009 5:47 PM, Blogger JENNIFER DREW said...

Totally agree with your article, since as you say, since I too know that much of what passes for supposedly normal and acceptable male sexual expression and behaviour is in fact male sexual predatory agressive behaviour. The False Rape Society are determined to eliminate any attempt at holding men accountable and responsible for their sexual behaviour.

When such men engage in sexual coercion, pressure or else an assumption their sexual desires trump those of women, then it is rape not 'normal male sexual behaviour.' For too long men have been given the pseudo right of defining what is and is not rape and in doing so this allows rape to become not rape but just miscommunication.

There is no miscommunication in cases of rape or sexual assault, because unless both parties mutually and freely agree to engage in any sexual activity, any such sexual activity which takes place irrespective of one party not agreeing, then such sexual acts are those of rape or sexual assault. Overwhelmingly it is men who choose to ignore women's sexual autonomy and sexual rights because those men who commit rape and/or sexual assault against women believe it is a man's right to ignore a woman's refusal or rejection.

So, the male sexual script must be re-written in order that boys and men are educated with regards to taking responsibility for their sexual behaviour and actions. Women are not men's sexual gatekeepers, that is men's responsibility.


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