Friday, March 13, 2009

Reading More Into False Testimony Than Stated

From the Pocono Record article titled False testimony leads to dismissal of Coolbaugh sexual assault case:
The charges were dismissed last week because the girls “admitted to testifying falsely under oath on a material matter,” according to court records. The District Attorney’s Office said today that it does not plan to file perjury charges in this case, declining to comment further.

I learned about this case because an anti-feminist blog referenced this case and made the unfounded claim that this announcement proves that these girls have made a false rape allegation and that this announcement exonerates those charged, but this story does not in fact say that the girls lied about the alleged assault itself.

Testifying falsely on a material matter could be nothing more than lying about whether the girls had been drinking. The falsified information is unstated and what the prosecution believes about their guilt or innocence carries no more legal weight than it carried before this reported perjury was revealed.

Just as the 5 male defendants were legally innocent prior to the dropping of the charges, and remain so, these girls are legally innocent. For someone to claim that they have been legally proven guilty is for that person to disregard our legal system.

These girls' lies may have helped rapists get away with rape. Material guilt and innocence are unproven.

If a case becomes unwinnable due to a loss of credibility the DA of course is going to drop the charges whether or not the defendants committed the crimes they were accused of committing.


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