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UK Men Have A Monetary Incentive To Lie About Rape

From Glenn Sacks' blog post titled: UK women have a monetary incentive to lie about rape by Pierce Harlan, Esq:

Sexual assault advocates in the United Kingdom are constantly lobbying for changes in the law to jack up the UK’s purportedly low conviction rate for rape. [...]

Sexual assault advocates also refuse to discuss a dirty little secret: some women in the UK likely lie about rape because they have a financial interest to do so. The UK compensates victims of non-forcible rape and even inappropriate touching over clothing.

This gendered and speculative premise is based on ignoring the reality that men in the UK who are guilty of rape or who are representing those who are guilty of rape undeniably have even stronger financial incentives to lie about rape.

Harlan himself and many other men in various jurisdictions have strong financial incentives to falsely claim that certain men or groups of men are the victims of false rape reports when that claim is a lie.

Harlan is basing his professional reputation on creating the default view that women who are victims of non-forcible rape or victims of gropers are cheating the government if they rightfully file for victim compensation.

Guilty until proven innocent of the crime of filing a fraudulent police report is their motto when talking about women and rape. If being the victim of a fraudulent claim should result in compensation then most sex crime victims should get double compensation since being targeted with false allegations is normal when someone rightfully reports having been raped.

The narrative that women regularly lie when they report having been raped is no secret narrative. It is older than anyone living today. This narrative serves Harlan and many other men financially as well as personally since this narrative was responsible for systemic bigotry and systemic injustice against rape victims.

Rapists who earned a lifetime sentence in prison by the crimes they committed but who instead were able to earn good money while claiming to be the "real" victim of lying women clearly had a greater financial payoff for their lies than than the "likely" false rape reporters Harlan focuses on.

Harlan's argument also dismisses the physical nature of most sex crimes and the physical threat in what he calls non-violent sex crimes. If you were raped while unconscious or you were groped by a stranger or a group of strangers you were not a victim of a "real" sex crime or a real assault according to Harlan's narrative.

This narrative furthers a dangerous lie which allows many rapists and sex criminals to convince themselves and others that they were falsely accused and that the crime they committed is a crime only in the imagination of their victims and hysterical sexual assault advocates.

Similar arguments to Harlan's have been made when sexual assault advocates have called for all who report rape to be treated by law enforcement as crime victims instead of suspects assumed to be guilty. The argument was that the hostility toward rape victims was needed as a disincentive for false rape reports.

This argument served rapists well and its continued existence helps the next batch of rapists who feel victimized when they are rightfully reported.

Harlan wants men who lie about rape to get even more benefits than they get now. He wants those who claim to be falsely accused to be compensated just as rape victims are compensated. Yet this desire is not positioned as helping even more men decide to lie about rape.

Rapists who successfully lie about rape can see financial benefits which dwarf the amount of compensation given to rape victims in the UK. Defense attorneys who successfully lie about rape can see even greater financial benefits since those lies will help those defense attorneys gain new clients who are afraid that the truth will do the opposite of setting them free.

According to Harlan's narrative, defense attorneys who successfully slander real rape victims and who benefit financially from their lies while putting the public in danger when a guilty client goes free are not worth mentioning. This is the criminal justice system working as intended.

This narrative which positions only those who report rape as being guilty of lying and benefiting from those lies has a clear and unjust agenda. To baselessly undermine the credibility of all girls and women who report having been raped.

This effort by many others before Harlan has not been in vain.

From the Guardian we get an example of how Harlan's narrative has impacted justice.

John Worboys, 51, a licensed London cab driver, was told yesterday he faces a "very substantial" jail sentence after a jury convicted him of 19 charges of drugging and sexually assaulting 12 of the women, in one case raping his victim.

Police were last night bracing themselves for more women to come forward. They have received 85 complaints so far and believe that over his 13-year career as a London taxi driver he could have drugged and attacked more than 100 female passengers. [...]

Campaigners said the details of how police failed to apprehend Worboys for six years, despite receiving numerous complaints from women, exposed the fact that frontline officers remained sexist, dismissive of allegations of sexual assaults and ultimately guilty of "sabotaging" rape inquiries.

I'm sure that when Worboys was arrested in July 2007 and released without being charged that he was classified by people who agree with Harlan as falsely accused and the genuine victim who made that report was classified by those people as a false reporter and a criminal who should have been punished. The UK compensation fund gave those people all the motive they needed to assume her guilt.

But according to Harlan it is women who benefit from lies about rape.


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At March 15, 2009 6:31 PM, Blogger JENNIFER DREW said...

Pierce Harlan selectively chose to overlook the fact 14 UK women rape survivors had their compensation claims reduced by 25% because these women had consumed alcohol prior to their being raped by a man.

The UK's government claimed the Criminal Compensation Board were not engaged in partially holding female rape survivors responsible for causing their own rapes if they had consumed alcohol. However, given the fact 14 women had their claims reduced the facts speak for themselves.

Contrary to Harlan's claims women as a group are not engaged in attempting to fleece tax payers by making false allegations. No woman who courageously reports to police a man/men has/have raped her does so lightly. The chances of a man charged with rape being convicted are approximately 5% given the fact 95% of rapists continue to be acquitted.

The UK's Crown Prosecution Service recently produced their first report on the numbers of individuals committing violent offences against women and it was not surprising to learn in the two year period ending March, 2008 99% of defendants prosecuted for rape were men and 87% victims of rape were women.

The central issue concerning rape is the widespread belief men as a group are entitled to use coercion, pressure and even threats of physical violence against women because it is still widely believed men must not held accountable for their sexual behaviour or actions. This is why articles such as Harlan's are published because challenging rape myths effectively challenges men's presumed right of sexual access to any woman or girl.

Consumption of alcohol does not cause rape since it is male rapists who make the deliberate choice to rape a woman/girl.

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