Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Telling Absence Of Alleged

From the Sunderland Echo we get this headline: Woman accused over false rape claim. Notice that this headline isn't stated as an alleged false rape claim even though that's exactly what is is. Alleged.

The brief story attached to this headline supports the false assumption that this charge has already been proven. Yet there is no supporting evidence for this charge provided in the story. It's as if credible evidence has suddenly become optional. There is no consideration that this type of charge has been and can be made against someone who is innocent.

The possibility of innocence is real. Injustice for rape victims can go beyond seeing rapists get away with rape and being informally classifed by investigators and/researchers as a liar.

Only rarely will a wrongfully charged rape victim be able to have forensic evidence prove that person's innocence. If the rapist claims consent and the DA believes that claim then no forensic evidence can ever exonerate the wrongfully accused rape victim.

The constant demands for "real" rape victims to take a strong stand against false reports -- if they don't want to be viewed as man haters -- can cause people who want all rape victims to be treated fairly to ignore one of the biggest injustices a rape survivor can face.

Those who repeatedly bring up, "What if he's innocent?" are tellingly silent in cases such as this one.


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