Saturday, May 30, 2009

Man Posts False Sex Offender Registry Notices As Revenge

From story about a case in Ogden, Utah:

The carefully plotted revenge of the husband came first on April 30, when more than 30 notices were tied to doorknobs in the victim's apartment complex accusing him of membership on the state's sex offender registry for rape of a 5-year-old.

"He's not a sex offender," Ogden Police Lt. Loring Draper said. "That wasn't a very good thing to do." The bright orange fliers bore an exact copy of the apartment complex's logo and included half a dozen names of offenders who are really on the sex offender registry, complete with the distance of their residence from the apartment complex, just as the state's sex offender registry Web site lists them.
Those who rant in the online comments sections of news sites about false rape allegations (whether or not the police believe an allegation is false) and who focus on describing women as vindictive would likely latch onto this case immediately if the person who created these fake fliers had been a woman no matter what motivated this hoax. This case would be seen as proof that women have no ethics.

The victim in this case had a one-night stand with the wife of the man who created these fliers. That angry husband later threw a bucket of feces on the victim's apartment balcony.

"I'm going to take this as far as I can, prosecution, hire a lawyer, file a lawsuit, whatever I have to do," he said. Police were called again and a suspect was formally identified as the betrayed husband, who was interviewed.

Two weeks later, with no further incidents, feelings have since abated somewhat on both sides, with a happy ending pending, apparently.

The victim in this case now hopes that no charges will be filed against the man who created the fake fliers and who threw the bucket of feces.

On the issue of the feces, I'm fine with abiding by the victim's wishes, but I disagree on the issue of the fake fliers. This isn't the first instance where fake sex offender fliers have been created and this flier impacted all who saw it. The angry husband abused a system designed to help protect public safety. He needs to be held accountable.


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