Thursday, May 07, 2009

Woman Dies After Being Drugged And Raped

From the Birmingham News:

A 22-year-old Boaz [Alabama] woman found dead in a car Tuesday died after being given without her knowledge a date rape drug, Etowah County authorities said today.

Nita Michelle Clayborn knew the roommates charged Wednesday in her death -- Shawne Rust Farrar, 37, and Jeremy Gale Houghtalling, 32 -- because they were customers at the Rainbow Food Mart where she worked [...]

According to Barton, here's what happened:

After Clayborn left work that night, she went to a party at the Pine Road house the men shared. There Farrar slipped Clayborn GHB (gamma hydroxy butyrate), a colorless, odorless depressant, better known as the date rape drug, and Klonopin, an anxiety control medicine.

Farrar had sex with Clayborn and when she subsequently died of an overdose, he and Houghtalling put her in her car and left her body on Whorton Bend Road.

Farrar did not have sex with her, he raped her. Once you drug someone any sexual contact which follows is a sex crime. At the very least this woman's death should be considered manslaughter. They may be guilty of premeditated murder for not calling 911 as soon as this woman's sytem started to fail.

Drugging someone should be classified as felony assault even if they don't suffer any permanent physical reactions.

Anyone else who knew these men had drugged this woman or who knew they were doing this to anyone are accessories to this crime even if they can never be charged with any crime. If they had intervened or turned those men in this woman would be alive today.

Despite brutal crimes like this (yes, this was brutal) too many people, especially men, continue to shrug off date and acquaintance rape. They shrug and most of the time it isn't them who pay the price for their indifference.

This is just one example of why more men must join those of us who are dedicated to preventing sexual violence.


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