Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Community Corrections Contractor Accused Of On The Job Rape Of Woman With GPS Monitor

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) - Brima Kemokai, 26, is in jail on one million dollars bail for rape, criminal confinement and official misconduct charges. The Marion County Prosecutor said the community corrections contractor raped a woman on home detention at the beginning of June.

The alleged victim said Kemokai asked her to come to the Community Corrections facility so he could fix her electronic monitoring ankle bracelet. [...]

She told police Kemokai raped her in a dark, back office. She said she got away when he was suddenly startled by a noise in the hall. "I couldn't actually leave because he had my monitoring system and I thought I would've gotten into more trouble," said the victim.
She didn't immediately report because she feared that she wouldn't be believed since she had a criminal history. Thankfully, she got support from her family, called 911 to report and had her report handled respectfully and professionally.

If the police or prosecutors had dismissed or ignored her report because of personal credibility issues that would have been malpractice. People who can be labeled as non-credible are raped and people who can be labeled as credible do commit rape.

Since that report, Brima Kemokai has also been accused of making unwanted advances toward another woman detainee and threatening her when she refused those advances. Police believe there is a third victim of Kemokai since he has admitted to having sex with another detainee at her apartment and they suspect there may be more victims.

Since one of the requirements for an action to be genuinely consensual (whether a jurisdiction's laws reflect this or not) is the freedom to be able to say no without the fear of harm, the sex Kemokie admitted to should be viewed as non-consensual even if that woman gave verbal agreement. His position provided him with an, "or else," threat that didn't need to spoken.

The official procedures for the job Kemokai held need change to reduce the risk to those being monitored by GPS systems. With the increasing use of GPS monitoring having effective protections for those being monitored needs to be incorporated into every monitoring program.

That may need to include having employees sign a statement that they understand that there can be no sexual or non-work personal relationship with those being monitored. With the number of times people in authority claim ignorance when rightfully accused of abusing their position this type of statement would be both educational and insurance against claims of sincere ignorance. This type of agreement would also allow those who cross this ethical line but who aren't charged with a crime for whatever reason to be fired for cause.

It should be a crime for anyone with this type of control and power to make any verbal or physical advances toward a person who is being monitored. This protection needs to extend to family members since a direct or implied threat to harm the person being monitored could lead to non-consensual contact with someone not on a GPS monitoring system.


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