Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Focus Groups On Preventing Violence That Uses Sex

Later today I'll be participating in a focus group. The focus will be on how to "prevent the sexual exploitation of children and all types of sexual violence through the life span."

This is only one of multiple focus groups meeting around the state of Minnesota conducted by the Minnesota Coalition Against Sexual Assault with support from the MN Dept. of Public Safety and Public Health. This one is being done in cooperation with Victim Services for Dodge, Fillmore and Olmsted Counties (where I used to volunteer answering the rape crisis line) and Mayo Clinic.

This effort is exciting because it is focused on primary prevention. As more people are learning, primary prevention is focused on preventing perpetration at a core level not on preventing victimization. Teaching children to recognize when someone has crossed the line into sexual exploitation is important, but it is more important to reduce the number of people who find ways to rationalize sexual exploitation.

Focus groups are important because they can look for unintended consequences of proposed efforts and they can help expand the plans. Beyond that they are also a way for more people to get involved and informed. Prevention is most effective when it is pervasive and not just the responsibility of a small percentage of the population.

As I've said before I am hopeful in this area because my hope is supported by many people's actions.


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At September 22, 2009 12:00 PM, Blogger Anemone said...

I really like the title of this post. It reminds me that rape is about violence. And it also has me thinking that rape is not just a manifestation of physical violence, but also psychological violence, which people don't think about much but is probably fairly easy to tackle in some ways because it's so common and so many people participate (e.g. bullying).


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