Friday, September 18, 2009

Inside Edition On Nightclub Sexual Predators

After my local 6 pm news ended yesterday, I left the TV on and ended up watching a story on Inside Edition about sexual predators at nightclubs.

By day Luis Zambrano is a construction worker, but by night police say he's a sexual predator stalking intoxicated women in nightclubs. At the trendy Manhattan club Marquee, Zambrano was caught on surveillance tape accosting a 23-year-old woman who had passed out on a couch. Surveillance video shows that she woke up and tried to fight him off. But he didn't give up. As he dragged her limp body out of the bar, she fell to the floor, all the time no one coming to her aide. Then he dragged her down a flight of stairs. The video shows him lifting her into his arms, and carrying her out of the night club. Once again, nobody stopped him. According to police, he took her to his home and raped her.

The IE story sometimes missed the mark but sometimes it was spot on. If Zambrano's name sounds familiar it is because I blogged about his crime and his guilty plea only a week ago. However, the reality of his crime hit home in a different way when I watched the portion of his crime committed inside the nightclub. What I saw was premeditation, smoothness and coldbloodedness. After seeing that video I'd be shocked if this was in actuality his first or even his fifth offense. He looked like a seasoned predator who had done this many times before.

When the IE story focused on sexual predators and the repeated failure of bystanders, it was powerful. This included undercover footage which showed how young women leaving the nightclub were treated by men prowling out around the exits.

When two women, Kim and Allison, working undercover for INSIDE EDITION left a nightclub together, they heard the typical come-ons. But when Kim left a night club alone, something more alarming happens. She is immediately approached by two men who want to give her cocaine, get her in their car and take her home."You won't even try a little bit?" asks one man. "We can go back to my apartment."

Showing this reality is great, but responding to this reality by focusing on the behavior of women who are being targeted is not great. The troubling behavior came from those men. From first contact their behavior was coercive and they needed to be challenged for their behavior. If they are wanting to hook up, why aren't they doing so in a non-predatory way?

I also wanted IE to do some research to find out if any of those men trying to get a woman to leave with them had previously been accused or convicted of sex crimes. They wouldn't be the first convicted sex offender looking for women at that club.

IE had an expert give women patrons drinks which could have been spiked to test those women, but they did not have actors repeating the behavior which resulted in Zambrano's guilty plea to test nightclub employees or patrons about whether they would intercede.

Telling women not to leave nightclubs alone won't fix this underlying danger at the bars and nightclubs where the sexual predators and some sexual predator/murderers are circling like sharks. Same goes for telling women not to binge drink.

The desire and willingness to perpetrate violence against women which this story focused on is inside the men who are predators before any woman becomes vulnerable. Their behavior is not about their sexual desire it is about their desire to dominate and/or explicitly hurt women sexually.

Zambrano and the men who became more aggressive toward Kim alone than they were toward her and another woman show that they have great restraint. The stereotype of men losing their sexual control at the sight of sexy drunk women is contradicted by the evidence.

Right now I would recommend that women boycott nightclubs like the Marquee (the same club where Laura Garza went on what was likely the last night of her life, until the level of danger is reduced. The surveillance recordings may help catch criminals after the crime, but until somebody at the nightclub is paying attention to patrons who are unable to defend themselves or to the patrons who display predatory behavior then they are not doing enough to justify women's basic trust.

If all women who go to nightclubs do so in groups and are all determined to follow all of the safety advice and to leave as a group and if nothing is done to eliminate the circling of predators then those predators will adjust their strategies to create vulnerability.

The undercover work done for TV is a task the police should pick up on. If predators had to worry about whether the woman passed out inside or outside of a club was really passed out or was an undercover police woman waiting for a predator to strike and had to worry about whether any of his fellow predators was an undercover cop, some of those predators might reconsider committing crimes they likely look at as high return, low risk crimes.

One action which should happen for sex offenders with MOs such as Zambrano displayed is that they should be barred from entering nightclubs and bars, or loitering nearby, while they are on probation. This type of sex offender also needs to be on a curfew which requires them to be home or at work when women who drink are most vulnerable.

Without this pool of predators who are looking for opportunities to assault women, the women who go to nightclubs could be completely careless about their safety and they would remain absolutely safe from crime. Being predator-free doesn't mean being free of men. There are many men who will not rape even if they find themselves in situations where they could rape and be confident that they would face no legal consequences for their crime.

What I saw on the undercover video had no relationship to men trying to have honest sexual interactions with women. When those men highlighted in this IE story cross the line they do so intentionally. Unfortunately, if it hadn't been for the nightclub video Zambrano would have spun a too familiar counter allegation that the alleged victim willingly left that club with him and was not only capable of consenting but actively consent. Too many people who consider themselves opposed to rapists would accept this counter allegation as easily as the women in that nightclub accepted open drinks which could have been spiked.

Vulnerable women are not the core problem. The easy-to-find predatory men are the core problem and the strongest messages about needed behavioral changes to be directed at them and those messages need to be repeated at least as often as messages telling women to watch their liquor.

The biggest failure of the piece is that the nightclub owners weren't challenged about how an intoxicated woman could be dragged and carried outside without the man who did that being challenged by a single employee. This was the same club Laura Garza went to in December before she disappeared so they clearly understand that dangerous people can be patronizing their business.


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At September 19, 2009 9:52 PM, Anonymous Georgia Girl said...

Oh my gosh, Marcella, I never have anything earthshaking comments to offer here, but I have to tell you that the "bar predators" you describe sound very much like the person who raped me. My rapist would have easily gotten away with murder had I died from the drugs he slipped into my drink. How terrifying!

At September 20, 2009 3:39 PM, Blogger T Sized Pip said...

Gentlemen according to "Marcella" you should have to check your cock at the door before you should be allowed to go out for the night.

I say Bull Shit!

If you are a dumb Cunt who goes out to shake her little ass & get sloppy drunk while clubbing you are a danger to you. Don't sit & blame the predators for your own stupidity.

For those of you who have woke the next morning to find a nice deposit of man juice in your panties let it be a lesson.

Wise up, take responsibility for yourself & stop acting like a little fucking whore!

I have no use for hypocrites who would like to place blame on everyone but the slut who got what she had coming to her!

Chances are, you got knocked up in the past & thought you were going to get a free ride off of the swinging dick you chose to ride. Along comes baby, the fun & games end. The reality of work sets in, you decide this isn't what you signed up for so you drag ass. Leaving the little one with the father.

Bitches are a dime a dozen & are suckers for a baby. The father picks up another whore to replace you & raise your son. Your son is aware of your indiscretions as he matures.

Once he is of age, as a result of the grief you have caused him he acts out. He is eager to repay the wrongs dealt to him by you. How does he do that? Simple, he stalks the same places you frequent. He learns that your stupidity among other inherit traits makes you an easy mark.

If you don't like being the target then don't visit the shooting range. Be a good mother. teach your son how a lady is to act by being a good role model. That will cause him to respect women.

If you want to carry on like a whore then be prepared to suffer the consequence. You reap what you sow! We have no use for you. Know that the day you die your son will be waiting to perform a twenty flush ceremony with your ashes. You will flow down the pipes through the sewer with a smile on his face.

And you wonder why they do what they do. Yes you live up to your reputations as dumb fucking cunts.

At September 20, 2009 4:08 PM, Blogger Marcella Chester said...

T sized pip,

Congratulations! You have just admitted to being a rapist. Beyond that you are doing nothing more than telling me and my readers why you consider raping women who go to nightclubs to be acceptable behavior.

At September 20, 2009 4:27 PM, Blogger T Sized Pip said...

Marcella you not only took the bait but you swallowed as well. Good girl, you are not the frigid ice cold whore I mistakenly took you to be.

I know I have a penis so I must be a rapist. Isn't every man a rapist Marcella?

I can hate you & have no use for you without being a rapist. I can also identify why another man may act the way he does toward you without being a rapist.

Maybe my dislike for you is such that getting a hard on would be entirely impossible. I know, you will say I went & got a penile implant just so I could go be a rapist & I was in such a hurry to try it out I raped the attending nurse.

See how fucked up you man haters are?

I never admitted to raping or claimed to be a rapist. You accused me of being one. Just like many others who have been wrongly accused of without having earned the accusation.

At September 20, 2009 4:39 PM, Blogger JENNIFER DREW said...

T sized etc just proved how insidious rape myths and also how men who rape and/or commit sexual violence against women must never, ever be held accountable or responsible for their crimes.

Not only that but as demonstrated by the women-hating obnonxious sexualised insults this writer clearly holds all women and girls in contempt. I term such views incitement to hatred of women.

At September 20, 2009 4:51 PM, Blogger Marcella Chester said...

T sized pip,

I didn't say you admitted to being a rapist because you have a penis. You admitted it by who you clearly and passionately identify with and who you hold in absolute disdain -- which in multiple cases includes women who were murdered.

If you believe all men are no better than you are then the error is yours. To you condemning men who rape drunk women is condemning all men which means you are describing all men as no better than rapists.

At September 21, 2009 11:51 AM, Anonymous Kali said...

Sometimes it is easy to forget how much some men hate women. So, it is illuminating to read comments such as T sized Pip's. It is because of rape-supportive attitudes such as these that I don't believe rapists can be rehabilitated. The only way to keep women and children safe is to keep these rapists behind bars.

At September 28, 2009 1:39 PM, Blogger BenYitzhak said...

Not that I imagine I'll ever be in a situation to intercede (I don't enjoy clubs), but with all that's usually going on in a club, is it all that simple to notice that the person helping a drunk person is not a friend of his/hers?

Unless you know one of the two people involved in that situation, I don't see how you're likely to know that something is going on that shouldn't be.

Without knowing the context I can see why the other club patrons would be reluctant to do anything, even if they had noticed.

At September 28, 2009 5:06 PM, Blogger Marcella Chester said...


If the business is being run properly, all patrons need to do if they see someone who either may be helping a friend or exploiting someone drunk or drugged is notify an employee.

Those who are not predators should have no problem with other patrons or staff checking out the situation to ensure the safety of the person they are helping.

The greatest responsibility belongs to the establishment to ensure that they are not ignoring predators.


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