Tuesday, September 08, 2009

LA Sheriff Commits $3 Million For Rape DNA Testing

In June I blogged about the fact that LA county suspended rape kit processing due to budget considerations.

From Human Rights Watch:
"The sheriff's commitment of vital funds for rape kit testing, especially in the midst of a significant budget crisis, sends an important message to rape victims that seeking justice in their cases matters," said Sarah Tofte, US Program researcher at Human Rights Watch and author of "Testing Justice: Untested Rape Kits in Los Angeles City and County."

In the letter, Yaroslavsky wrote that Baca would apply $2.3 million of his budget to rape kit testing, and an additional $700,000 to hire crime lab staff necessary to increase the county's testing capacity. Yaroslavsky also noted that he has asked the county to find matching funds in its FY 2011 budget for the sheriff's rape kit backlog testing program.
This is great news but until this commitment turns into action this announcement does nothing to make a real difference.

When budgets are tight those who are not committed to protecting victims of sexual violence will use the budget as their excuse for doing what they wanted to do when there was no strain on the budget.

I encourage all those who live in LA county to let those who represent you know that this work is important to you.


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