Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Man On Electronic Monitoring Arrested For Rape

From Arizona Central:

Six months before police arrested a man wearing an electronic monitoring device in the rape of a woman on Mill Avenue, a Phoenix woman filed a sexual assault report against him in Las Vegas.

The Las Vegas Police Department declined to release the report, citing a department policy on open investigations, but confirmed that the 23-year-old reported that Akram Abdul-Hameed, 26 raped and choked her in a motel room in February.

Tempe police said the woman called the case detective in the Mill Avenue sexual assault after reading about the arrest, and that their department would be in contact with Las Vegas police to compare the cases. Police in Las Vegas also confirmed that detectives there would be meeting with their counterparts in Tempe. [...]

Abdul-Hameed was on an electronic monitoring system after he was charged with breaking into a home of a man he fought with, holding his roommate at knifepoint and punching the roommate twice. He changed devices twice in the two months he was on supervised release, and the radio-frequency device he used at the time of the rape could only detect when he was in his house.
The newer rape case mirrors the MO of the older rape case except that the woman who reported him in Las Vegas had known him since high school and the woman in Tempe didn't know him at all.

Not surprisingly to me even though the descriptions of the crimes were similar Abdul-Hameed hadn't been arrested for the reported rape against a woman he knew even though she had visible choking marks on her neck. The police and prosecutors in Las Vegas could believe the report yet feel that a case has low odds of a conviction because of how potential jurors view victims of non-stranger rapes.

This man's behavior is another reminder that those who dismiss non-stranger rapes as nothing more than relationship issues or miscommunication have it dangerously wrong. When non-stranger rapes are dismissed as such this does more than put potential rape victims at risk. The electronic monitoring device was placed there because of reported violence against another man.


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