Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mike Fleiss Creator of Bachelor Calls Most Female Reality Stars Skanks

Mike Fleiss, creator of the TV show The Bachelor, wrote a guest blog post for The San Diego Union-Tribune Bolts Blog. Sports columnist, Kevin Acee introduces this post as something which "amuses" him and which he hopes will amuse readers.

I have nothing against bisexual chicks and, of course, I deplore violence against women. But this particular girl is typical of the random skanks who populate most reality TV shows (not mine, of course).

[emphasis on telling disclaimer mine. Note to Fleiss: If you need a disclaimer you know you have failed at what you disclaim.]

Ms. Tequila has no discernable talent, no Juliard schooling, and, ultimately, no legitimate reason to be a star. What she does have is an ability to chase down the spotlight like Merriman hunts down a quarterback.

Trust me. A girl like Tila Tequila will do just about anything for publicity.
With her show long ago canceled, Ms. Tequila’s celebrity status was about to expire. She was spinning. And not just from multiple shots of Patron.

When these so-called “celebrities” feel their star fading, they become increasingly desperate to keep their names in the news. Fame is a drug and when you take it away from an addict, things get ugly.

Does that mean she was lying about everything that happened at 4 am at Merriman’s Poway home? Not necessarily. But believe me, Tila and her “representatives” were thrilled to be back in the headlines—even for just a week.

Nice career move.

It's ironic that a post claiming to be against false accusations makes a false accusation against an entire group of women who have been on reality TV shows other than the Bachelor.

Mike Fleiss has no actual evidence to back up his personal attack against Tequila. He's smart enough to qualify his personal attack. She wasn't necessarily lying about everything. When he later answers: "Was he guilty of assault?" with "Apparently not." he reveals his lack of understanding of our legal system. Dropped charges are not proof of innocence and they certainly are not proof of the accuser's guilt.

But hey, why let reality intrude? So, no, I will not trust you, Mike Fleiss. And you have given me reason to never trust anything you say or any "reality" you produce. If a woman on any of your shows seems to be a skank I will not be able to trust that I am seeing glimpes of the real her. Instead I will have reason to believe I am seeing her through your "most women on reality shows are random skanks" filter.

The problem is that being classified as a skank is no magical protection against rape while it can help men view some women as perpetually available when they are not. When men act on Mike Fleiss' opinion of certain women they may just find themselves rightfully accused of rape.

Rather than helping San Diego Chargers player Shawne Merriman, Fleiss has harmed him with this weak "she's a skank" defense.


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At September 14, 2009 10:57 AM, Blogger Anemone said...

It always boggles my mind when Hollywood hires women to be "skanks", then complains when they are. Maybe the problem is that Ms. Tequila isn't passive about it, like she's supposed to be?


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