Saturday, September 12, 2009

Women's Human Rights Film Series: Dishonored

On Tues. Sept. 15th, there will be a screening of the documentary, Dishonored, which will be shown at 7 pm at the Hamline Midway Branch Library located at 1558 W. Minnehaha Avenue, St. Paul, MN. A discussion hosted by advocates for women's rights will follow the screening.

From MN Advocates:

In June 2002, a dispute between clans in rural Pakistan was judged by a local tribal council, and when Mukhtar Mai pleaded on her family’s behalf, the local imam consented to her punishment of rape as honor-revenge. Her demand for justice received media coverage worldwide, eventually leading to changes in the Pakistani legal system.
I doubt that I'll be able to drive up to the Twin Cities to attend this event, but I encourage all who can attend to do so.


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At September 12, 2009 2:24 PM, Anonymous Georgia Girl said...

Maybe they'll make a video ... I'd like to see it.
Georgia Girl


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