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Actions Of Sharp Eyed Police Officer And Bartender Lead To Plea Deal

From KTVU:

A former Antioch chiropractor who pleaded no contest to drugging two women and sexually assaulting one of them in February 2008 was sentenced Thursday to four years in state prison. Jason Goettsch, 38, will also be required to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life and has had his chiropractor's license revoked.[...]

Dirk Manoukian, Goettsch's attorney, said that the woman Goettsch was accused of assaulting was not unconscious, had not been drugged and that the sexual contact was consensual.
Because people who are innocent can plead guilty this plea deal doesn't prove Goettsch to be guilty. What matters is actual evidence. This case has plenty. The defense attorney's statement is interesting because it is selective denial which implies a greater denial.

After the 2 victims had dinner they bumped into Goettsch who was the chiropractor for one of the women and they accepted drinks from him which they later described as tasting funny. They went with him and another man to the chiropractor's office so that Goettsch could adjust one of the women's necks.
They returned to the bar about an hour later, and a short time after that Antioch police Officer James Stenger, who was on patrol in the area, saw Goettsch and his friend dragging an extremely intoxicated woman from the bar to a nearby car.

Stenger called an ambulance for the woman and arrested Goettsch on a probation violation stemming from a 2007 drunken driving conviction, Stenger said during a preliminary hearing in the case. When officers searched Goettsch, they allegedly found a two-ounce bottle of a clear liquid later determined to be GHB. The bottle was three-quarters full, police said. The intoxicated woman was taken to a local hospital, where tests confirmed that she had alcohol and GHB in her system, police said.
Because most women who are drugged with GHB are not noticed this quickly the drug is usually undetectable by the time the victims become aware enough to suspect they've been drugged and to go get tested.

The other victim had already left by the time the police officer arrested Goettsch and wasn't identified as another victim until later and wasn't interviewed by investigators until 4 days later. If she'd been drugged as the victim and prosecutor believe no test could verify that at this point.
Later that night, a bartender from the 19th Hole called police and told a dispatcher she believed the woman had been sexually assaulted. She told police to check Goettsch's friend's cell phone, which she had seen the men showing to the security guard at the bar.

Police found several photos and eight videos on the phone. The videos allegedly showed Goettsch sexually assaulting an unconscious woman as she lay face down on what looked like a massage table, police said. The woman was later identified as the cousin of the woman who had been taken to the hospital.
This portion of the story makes me wonder whether the friend who took pictures was arrested and it makes me wonder about the bar's security guard. At the least that security guard should have been disciplined for his negligence. He would have known about the arrest so the meaning of the photos and videos should have been obvious to him.

I'm also left wondering how many other victims don't know they are victims or just have vague misgivings. Goettsch had his chiropractors license revoked and I hope he can never get that license back. He should never again be in a position of trust.

This sexual assault was classified as a non-violent offense which reduces the time Goettsch will have to serve in half but I disagree with that classification. This assault was violent even though all the violence was done with forethought and stealth. Either one of those women could have had a serious reaction to GHB and they could have died.

Drugging another person should always be classified as a violent crime. Same with all sexual assaults. There is no such thing as non-violent sexual violence. There is only non-stereotypical sexual violence.

If someone murdered an family member for the insurance money using poison I hope they don't serve half the time of someone who murdered a family member for the same reason using a knife and then trying to make it look like a burglary gone wrong. The intent was the same, the crime was the same, only the strategy differed.

If the law doesn't recognize the seriousness of the crime committed by Goettsch and others like him why should those criminals see their own actions as serious crimes?


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At October 13, 2009 11:47 AM, Blogger JENNIFER DREW said...

Agree all sexual assaults are violent assaults and the aim is always the same for the male perpetrator (because it is always overwhelmingly male) to inflict humiliation on the female victim and/or to use her as a masturbatory aid to his sexual demands.

If we are to view certain sexual assaults as non-violent then certainly some murders would become non-murders because the perpetrator did not use physical vilolence but another method to murder the victim.

Claiming some sexual assaults are not as 'serious as others' is yet another diversionary tactic aimed at minimalising male perpetrator accountability. Who benefits? Why men who commit sexual assaults against women because if they can drug the woman then her case could become a 'non serious sexual assault.' Furthermore drugging a woman serves to facilitate the male perpetrator(s) intent to commit sexual assault or rape with the utmost ease.

All sexual assaults are violent crimes only the methods male perpetrators use varies.


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