Sunday, October 25, 2009

To Woman Who Filled Out Survey On My Website Early This Morning

Thank you for filling out the date rape survivor survey. My heart goes out to you. I read your comment and encourage you to contact your local victim advocacy agency. They can help you with your current need. If you are in the US you can find the agency which covers your area by entering your zip code at: You also have the option of using their online IM hotline if you aren't ready to call anyone.

To this woman and anyone who has survived a sexual assault.

If you are in the US there are agencies which can provide general support and who can be advocates for you with the criminal justice system. If you first contacted police on your own you don't have to be on your own in future interactions with the police. Advocates can also help connect you to resources even if you haven't reported and don't plan on reporting or are unsure about reporting.

Those in other countries may also have similar organizations. If you are feeling alone please check to see who is available to you.

There is a site specifically aimed at men who have had "unwanted or abusive sexual experiences in childhood."
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