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Carnival Against Sexual Violence 81

Welcome to the November 1, 2009 edition of the Carnival Against Sexual Violence.

Quick FYI for those unfamiliar with blog carnivals and who wonder about this terminology, the term refers to collections of related blog posts. Check out for more information.

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Thank you to everyone who nominated a post or who wrote a post against sexual violence whether it was nominated/selected or not. Nominations that came in after the nomination deadline will be considered for the next edition of the carnival.

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Here are the selections for this edition of the carnival against sexual violence:


In PA Superior Court Overturned Troubling Ruling On Adult Alleged Victim Competency posted at abyss2hope: A rape survivor's zigzag journey into the open, I discuss a lower court ruling which would have allowed a competency hearing for an adult victim based on the idea that being under the influence of prescription drugs and alcohol at the time of a crime makes someone incompetent to testify while sober.

In Attorney Uses “Boys Will Be Boys” Defense in Alleged Sexual Assault posted at The Curvature, we get a discussion of a case where a freshman at the University of Maryland allegedly sexually assaulted women as they slept in their dorm rooms.

In Richmond High Gang Rape Update: The Kids Are Pissed Off posted at This Black Sista's Page, we get a discussion about how responding to negative assumptions about an entire community should not be done in a way that ignores serious dysfunction in order to justify the normalcy of everyone else.

In The pace is glacial posted at Gusts Of Popular Feeling, we get a discussion of a court in Korea which applied the lowest sentence to a man in his 50s accused of raping a mentally ill elementary school girl.

In Additional Background on Megan Williams Case You WON'T Read From the Associated Press posted at What About Our Daughters, we get a discussion which goes beyond the easy stereotypes about reports that a victim of a brutal attack had recanted.

In Judge Refers to Convicted Rapist’s Actions as “Rough Play” posted at The Curvature, we get a discussion of a case where the injuries done to a woman who was drugged are minimized by describing the actions which left those injuries as nothing more than play.

In And people wonder why Coruscating Feminist Jo gets angry... posted at Head Nurse, we get a discussion sparked by the gang rape in Richmond, CA about the paradigm that lets men and boys see women and girls as things to be used, rather than as full human beings to be respected.

In Lawyer Claims Rapist “Misread the Situation” posted at The Curvature, we get a discussion of a case where a man raped a woman while she was unconscious.

In The cost of living in a patriarchal society posted at Stop Street Harassment!, we get a discussion of the view of girls and women as conquests which helped a group of teenage boys to rationalize the brutal gang rape of a 15 year old girl for two-and-a-half hours outside a high school homecoming dance.

In Montmorency Football Club & The Legal System posted at The Dawn Chorus, we get a discussion of the charges against three junior members of a suburban football club in Victoria, Australia after 2 young women reported being sexually assaulted.

In We Made These Boys The Way They Are. posted at Fitful Murmurs, we get a discussion about why even though it’s natural to look at the gang rape in Richmond, CA as an isolated incident this is a mistake and why instead we need to examine where our society fosters the attitudes behind crimes like this.

In The Underinvestigation of Sexual Assault: The Statute of Limitations Ticks Away While Rape-Related Evidence Just Sits On Evidence Room Shelves posted at Gender & Sexuality Law Blog, we get a discussion about the neglected rights of victims to have DNA evidence used effectively and what it will take to have a system which works for all.

In Insurance Company: Rape Survivor? Nope, We Won't Take Her posted at, the official blog of the National Women's Law Center, we get a discussion of what insurance companies in Florida said when asked whether they would provide insurance coverage to a hypothetical applicant who had survived rape and undergone treatment to prevent HIV infection.

media watch

In 13-year-olds are fair game, according to William Saletan posted at I am the Lizard Queen!, we get a discussion of statements made which minimize the seriousness of sexual violence of teen or preteen girls when discussing the arrest of Roman Polanski.

In What Passes for Prevention in Rape Culture posted at Gender Across Borders, we get a discussion of poster sponsored by the Community Safety Unit Northern Ireland Office; Northern Ireland Police Service; and the Department of Health, Social Services, and Public Safety.

In It's not "sex", it's rape: teen girls and "unwanted sex" posted at Hoyden About Town, we get a discussion of Melanie Christiansen’s article in the Courier Mail titled, “Unwanted teen sex tied to binge drinking“.

In Rape Victims Are To Blame For The Continuance Of Rape posted at (Wo)Men Speak Out's Blog, we get a discussion of a YouTube user who posted a video called Rape Scot-Free containing a short monologue where a young man blames rape victims for the continuance of rape in their communities.

In Pepsi Releases iPhone App To Help Men "Score" With Women And Brag About It On Twitter - Amp up before you score posted at Jezebel, we get a discussion of an application released to help market the drink Amp to young men which reinforces the idea that men are succeeding when they take a dehumanizing approach to women.

In Freakonomics Fail posted at Shakespeare's Sister, we get a discussion of the deep and highly sexist flaws in the way 2 authors puzzle over why more ladies aren't high-end prostitutes.

In Mary Murphy Shares Her Story of Domestic Abuse With Ellen DeGeneres posted at mjsbigblog, we get a discussion of the disclosure of abuse made by So You Think You Can Dance judge.

In Bell Bajao ties up with NDTV Imagine's Jyoti posted at Bell Bajao, we get a discussion about how domestic violence will be addressed on Indian television.

In If you were my sister or brother… posted at After Silence, we get a project that collected responses to: If you had a brother or sister that was sexually assaulted, what would you say to them?

In Rape in the Ranks: The Enemy Within posted at the writer's muse, we get a synopsis of the 28 minute French film by Pascale Bourgau who interviewed US military women raped on duty.

In Steps To Prevent Rape Poster posted at abyss2hope: A rape survivor's zigzag journey into the open, I present a poster and it's updated version to counter rape prevention posters which focus on changing the behavior of potential rape victims.

personal stories

In Rape Culture and Me posted at Ms Femme Anon's Secrets, we get a discussion of realizations after a survivor stopped asking: What was wrong with me?

In "Hey-- I have something I want to tell you..." posted at Defying Gravity, we get a discussion about the process of telling a friend about personal experiences with sexual violence, and how to make it easier for them but still get the word out. This post also asks for people's suggestions.

raising awareness

In A Refresher on Consent and Safe Sex posted at Feminists For Choice, we get a discussion of concepts which need to be understood and respected in order to prevent sexual violence.

In Book Giveaway Celebrates Defiant Women! posted at Ogo Ogbata's Blog, we get a discussion about how defiance can be the quiet commitment to truth and progress against all odds.

In Schrodinger's Rapist and Why it doesn't say what you thought it did posted at California NOW, we get a discussion about responses to a discussion about women not knowing which men around them are rapists and how shocking it can be to discover that a man you knew and trusted holds view which dismiss women's personal boundaries.

In Honoring Women Veterans Who Served and Suffered posted at Healing Combat Trauma, we get a post focused on the memory of Colleen Mussolino who was raped in 1965 and who eventually co-founded Women Veterans of America to offer support and attention to the issues facing women in the military.

In Angry feminist Tuesday posted at Penny Red, we get an impassioned discussion about how various people approach the issue of prostitution and how these approaches often hurt those who are the most vulnerable.


In Review: Does Acknowledgement as an Assault Victim Impact Postassault Psychological Symptoms and Coping? posted at Anti-Violence Advocate, we get information about an article by Caroline Clements and Richard Ogle in the Journal of Interpersonal Violence which found that women who do not acknowledge victimization report greater problems across the scope of their lives.


In Race and Rape: Keeping Racism Out of Your Campaign posted at Change Happens, we get a discussion about the importance of examining how media campaigns can reinforce racist messages and some practical tips for how to create a more inclusive and respectful campaign.

In Laurel House and Cabrini College: Teaching Tomorrow's Educators About Domestic Violence Today posted at Laurel House Blog, we get a discussion of students who selected to work on domestic violence as a class project.

In Date Rape Drug Testers As Deterrence posted at abyss2hope: A rape survivor's zigzag journey into the open, I discuss different ways in which instant testers can be used and highlight the approach which is often overlooked in the media.

That concludes this edition of the carnival against sexual violence. Thank you for taking the time to visit this carnival and thank you to the authors of all the posts included in this edition.

To nominate a post (your own or someone else's) to the next edition of carnival against sexual violence, use the carnival submission form. If you have any problem with the form, please let me know so your submission can be considered for the next edition.

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