Friday, November 06, 2009

Nov MN Sexual Violence Prevention Network Meeting

I'll be leaving in a few minutes for the next Minnesota sexual violence prevention network meeting where the topic for today will be:

Promoting Health and Healing: Addressing the Mental Health Impacts of Sexual Assault from an Advocacy Perspective. The speaker will be: Phyllis Brashler, Ph.D., Minnesota Department of Health Suicide Prevention Coordinator.

Here's the description:
Sexual assault and abuse can have serious mental health consequences for women and children. Understanding the range of potential mental health needs of survivors and how to address them within an empowerment-based framework is an important part of providing services for survivors that enhance their safety and wellbeing. This presentation will provide an overview of current research on mental health, violence, and abuse and will offer steps that advocates and other professionals can take within their agencies and organizations to address mental health issues in sensitive, appropriate, and empowering ways.
With the failure of well-meaning mental health professionals I reached out to near the 1 year anniversary of my rape, I understand how important this topic is.

There's no wifi available at the meeting location so I can't live tweet, but I'll be taking notes.


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At November 06, 2009 6:56 PM, Blogger LadyJtalks said...

Best to you and I'll watch for the notes. Hopefully, there is progress. LadyJ


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