Thursday, January 07, 2010

Stranger Rapist Returns After 4 Years

From KPHO:

CHANDLER, Ariz. -- A scar-faced man raped a woman for the second time in about four years, Chandler police said. Chandler police are looking for a scar-faced rapist who appears to have stalked his victim for years. The victim was raped for the second time at her home near Pecos Road and Hamilton Street in Chandler Jan 4.

Chandler Police Detective David Ramer said the rapist also attacked the woman, who is a Sunday school teacher in her early 20s , at her Gilbert apartment in 2005.
Ramer said police and the victim believe it is the same rapist because he has a 3-inch scar on his right cheek and because of statement he made during the attack. [...]

Ramer said the victim is holding up well, in spite of her experience.

"By all accounts, she's clean living. She's very involved in her church, very reliable family she's raised up in," Ramer said. "It's a tragedy that she has to go through something like this."
The comments about this case were great until this detective's reference to this woman's clean living. That reference unfortunately supports the idea that rape is generally caused by the victim rather than being caused by the perpetrator and that this woman is a rare exception who did nothing to cause herself to be raped.

It is a tragedy that anyone has to go through being raped. It is no less of a tragedy if the victim is a hard drinker who never goes to church and who was raised in an unreliable family.

These types of statements always leave me with a sick feeling in my gut. Rather than highlighting support for rape victims I'm left with the feeling that most rape victims don't measure up and are not looked at as innocent victims when they must be seen as such if the crime of rape is consistently taken very seriously.

The victim's advocate interviewed for the story believes this man has raped other women and I agree with that belief.

This type of crime comes from who the rapist is as a person. I also believe that expressed attitudes which divide rape victims into different classifications may have discouraged other victims of this rapist from reporting him or a report against him might not have been fully investigated because the victim knew her attacker's identity and those are often considered to not be clear cut rape cases and a waste of limited resources.

The same people who will rape those who are perceived as putting themselves in danger of being raped can also choose to rape those who are perceived as doing everything right. The protection from rape that comes from clean living is not a real protection at all. Instead it is a social contract that some rapists ignore.

The only true protection from rape comes from addressing the willingness some people (mostly boys and men) have to commit rape. This must include addressing the rapes of those who would never be described as being clean living with the same attitude as the rape of those who are the perfect example of clean living.


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At January 08, 2010 12:16 PM, Blogger JENNIFER DREW said...

As soon as I read Detective Ramer's statement wherein he claims this woman who has now been raped twice by a male rapist as 'clean living' I too became very angry.

Since when does a woman's private life define whether or not she is a 'real rape victim.' Men who commit rape do not seek out women which society deems to be 'non-respectable, white middle-class, heterosexual and married.' Men who commit rape and other forms of male sexual violence against women and girls are either opportunists or else they plan their rapes.

No woman is to blame when a male decides to rape her and/or subject her to sexual violence. But men such as Detective Ramer continue to promote this women-hating and women-blaming message - namely that a woman's private life supposedly defines whether not if she is raped by a man/men this alone defines whether or not male sexual violence has been committed against a woman.

I'm not surprised so many women of whatever ethnicity/race/sexual orientation etc. do not report male rapists to the police. Too many male police officers are continuing to promote women-blaming as fact rather than male-centered views which totally obscure the realities of how and why so many men commit male sexual violence against women and girls.

At January 08, 2010 12:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

GAAAAAAAAAAAAH! The stupid. It buuuuuurrrrns.

I'm very grateful for the information I get here (and from your sister advocates for rape prevention). Helps me prepare to fight back against the rape culture whenever it rears its nasty head.

gidget commando


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