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Self Portrait Painted in Anonymous Comments

This morning I woke up to a series of anonymous comments from a man or men written between 3 am and 4 am which highlight distorted thinking which support violence and/or injustice against girls and women.

Here's the first one which was left on my post, Rape as a way to break reproductive monopoly & injustice against men:

If a starving person has nothing to eat and is on the verge of death, would it be in the best interest of that person to take the abundant food of another so as to sustain their life essence?

If a childless person has no children and is on the verge of death, would it be in the best interest of that person to take the abundant reproductive capacity of another so as to sustain their life essence?

Would it be right?
Or are the hungry deserving of death.
And the childless deserving of the same?

The lack of human compassion is a trademark of psychopaths. Is it any wonder then that you are given the title of Feminazis.
That this man who defends sexual and reproductive violence calls me a "feminazi" for opposing the violence he defends is telling about his distorted view of the world. The types of opinions which come from those who use the term feminazi end up turning this into a shorthand way of them describing their own views.

This man uses gender neutral language, but I doubt he has the same compassion for a childless woman who takes a man's reproductive capacity and then takes his other resources to sustain her life essence.

Here's the next anonymous comment from last night left on my post The purpose of this blog:
So your life now revolves around victimhood? Perpetual and eternal. That's sad. You should move on. Life's too short. Yadda. Yadda. Yadda.

Hope is not the antonym for abyss. If you dont have the hope already of overcomming your abyss you will never have closure. So i take it you aren't really after closure? Well then perpetual and eternal victimhood is all you will have. Thats sad. You should move on. Life's too short.
This call for me to move on is a call for me to ignore sexual violence. Not wanting people to focus on sexual violence from the perspective of a survivor is in no way an opposition to victimhood.

Revolving my life around victimhood (stopping it, that is) is bad, but apparently revolving your life around attacking victims of rape for speaking out against that violence is good and is never a waste of precious time.

When people demand that I stop speaking out against sexual violence and try to package their desired action as an expression of concern for me they have zero credibility as their callousness is impossible for them to hide.

Here's the next one left on my post Research On Response To Sexist Jokes And Rape Proclivity":
of course you would have no problem with the calls to exterminate males
from many prominent female feminists. It is jokes, and sexist jokes at that
which raise serious issues about a joke tellers ethics. A feminists ethics? of
course not. Its never a two way street for them. Or is it.
I've never heard any calls to exterminate males except from those who claim to be repeating what they heard from many prominent feminists.

Notably this man doesn't express any opposition to sexist jokes where women and/or girls are the butt of the jokes. He chooses to ignore the research about the relationship between men enjoying sexist jokes and having a proclivity to commit rape.

Here's the last in the series of last night's comments from Anonymous on my post Gender Non-specific Action vs Gender Equality:
current system gives more to boys and men and directly neglects or harms girls and women.

So you are saying that runnign water, sanitation, houses, food on shelves, police/security, education, THE CLOTHES ON YOUR BACK..... everything, everything around you that is the product of men is directly NEGLECTING OR HARMING GIRLS AND WOMEN! This whole "system" around you that is sustaining prosperous life is neglecting or harming women? You are insane.
Here's my response to this comment.


It is interesting that you use "the product of men" to falsely remove women from the production of running water, sanitation, houses, food on the shelves, police/security, education, the clothes on your back, and everything around you that sustains prosperous life.

I won't call you insane for wanting to give men credit for everything you value, but you have chosen to distort reality. That distortion includes your decision to omit a key part of the quoted sentence I wrote in order to distort the meaning of that sentence. What you left out is my claim that MRAs often oppose equal resources when more is given to boys and men and when a system neglects or harms girls and women. In case you need it spelled out, that is not the same as saying everything favors boys and men and everything neglects or harms girls and women.

Twisting reality and then twisting my words and then calling me insane just makes you look like a foolish bigot.


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At February 14, 2010 11:46 AM, Anonymous Sarah said...

How very odd.

At February 14, 2010 12:33 PM, Blogger JENNIFER DREW said...

MRAS and rape apologists commonly claim feminists are 'wallowing in victimhood' since they do not want the issue of male violence against women to be seen as central to the continuing male supremacist society we live in. Instead women survivors of men's violence are expected to stay mute and ignore the trauma and suffering violent men inflict on them. Likewise then, we must demand all victims of violence remain silent because if they so much as dare to speak out against the oppressor(s) they are supposedly 'wallowing in victimhood.'

Who benefits? Why the oppressor(s) of course and when the issue concerns men's violence against women, putting the focus on male accountability is too close for comfort for many men, which is why they engage in denial.

Feminiza is a common insult hurled at women who demand their human rights. However, I've yet to read of feminists calling for men to be exterminated or sent to concentration camps. But what I do hear/read everyday without fail is male hatred and contempt for women and girls, which is often camoflaged as 'jokes' or 'irony' but the message is always the same - men's hatred for women and girls.

Note: Nazism is a political system wherein Nazis believe they are the superior race because of their white skin and maleness. Nazism promotes hatred of anyone who is not defined as white and male. Feminists do not believe men are ruled by their biology, neither do we promote mass extermination of men - but then MRAS never listen because they are too busy focused on promoting their own white heterosexual male supremacist ideology of hatred and contempt for all women.

Patriarchy commonly tells lies so in order to see the truth we need to reverse the message and then the truth will be revealed.

At February 14, 2010 5:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Marcella I have subscribed to your blog for quite a while and just want to say, I appreciate your intelligent and thoughtful insights. My niece was raped a couple of years ago and your blog helps me to understand and help her better. You have opened my eyes to a lot of issues.

Regarding these MRA trolls, rationality doesn’t ever seem to be one of their strong points.
It is really really sick how they track down the female victims of violence on the internet and try to pour salt into the wound. Then they have the audacity to claim they are standing up for men’s rights.

None of the men in my life would be behave so pathetically. It is clear these trolls have never any decent male role models in their life.

At February 14, 2010 5:32 PM, Blogger Marcella Chester said...


My heart goes out to you and your niece. I'm glad that what I write is helpful to you.

You are so right about the contrast between these trolls and many other men. Men who don't think like these guys often have a tough time believing that some men really think like this.

The danger comes from those who think like this troll but manage to hide their thinking process from others who know them to gain the trust of people who would want nothing to do with them if their full character were revealed.

At February 15, 2010 12:56 AM, Blogger Barbara aka Layla said...

Well these comments from Anon. speak for themselves. He is a very sick and ignorant individual and I hope he seeks help.

At February 15, 2010 11:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That supposed analogy with the bread is one of the most staggeringly callous things I've ever read.


At February 16, 2010 6:46 AM, Anonymous sarah8 said...

Your responses to those comments were fantastic, and so are the comments on this post :)

I can't imagine how frustrating it must be to run a blog and have to deal with those comments. The guy who left them is unreasonable, and unwillingly to change his thinking, but you explained your points clearly, which I suppose is all you can do.

I really appreciate your blog :)


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