Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Please Ask Oprah To Do A Show On Primary Prevention of Sexual Violence

Most people know that 2011 will be the last year of the Oprah Winfrey Show. What I just found out yesterday is that there is a form on her website where you can respond to the question: Who do you want to see Oprah interview?

Who I want to see Oprah interview before she ends her show are people who are working on the primary prevention of sexual violence. In fact I would like to see an entire episode dedicated to this work and why it isn't a hopeless mission. The traditional approach to preventing more violence has been one of self-defense and locking up the most dangerous offenders, but self-defense is usually aimed at stranger danger or those most easily identified as predators. Reactive solutions do nothing to stop new sex offenders from replacing those who are locked up in prisons or civil commitment facilities.

I filled out the form and gave the names of 4 Minnesotans who are actively involved in this effort. I wasn't sure if links would make my entry appear to be spam so I left out a link to the Minnesota Summit to Prevent Sexual Violence. If you have not read about this summit, please check out the e-report which includes recordings from the event.

I encourage all my readers to fill out this form and to echo my general request, giving her the names of people you would like to see her interview on this topic. Then I encourage you to encourage others to do the same. If you don't know who to name, please check out this list of national and Minnesota state resources.

Oprah has done a great deal to help raise awareness about the problem of sexual violence with shows earlier this year where she interviewed convicted sex offenders and where she interviewed a man who was a victim of his mother's sexual violence. In 2008 she did a show on sexual predators who produce child porn and law enforcement effort to catch these predators and to find their victims. She has done interviews with a mix of survivors over the years and has talked about her own experiences with sexual violence.

For me a show on primary prevention is a way to complete this circle of awareness and as a way to inspire people to be a part of the solution long after the Oprah Winfrey Show completes the 25th and last season.


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At March 11, 2010 12:49 AM, Blogger Barbara said...

Thanks for the info, we need to get a log of people to request this! I will help spread the word.


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