Saturday, July 31, 2010

Portland Authorities Announce No Charges To Be Filed Against Al Gore

The district attorney's office in Portland, Oregon has announced that there will be no charges filed against Al Gore. This announcement and the reasons given for it have been mistaken by some to mean that the woman who made the report has been proven to have lied to the police, meaning that this is a proven hoax. This is false. "Lack of credible evidence," means just that.

Those who twist this into something more are promoting a false claim. Too often this includes the police and prosecutors who make claims which go beyond the evidence. People who seem to never forget "innocent until proven guilty" and who are concerned over the taint of unproven allegations suddenly seem to have never heard of either of those concepts. The pervasive bias about false sex crimes reports causes many people to read more into the evidence than is actually there.

The requirement for claims by the police and the prosecution against someone who reported a crime before they can be taken as fact are the same as if they are making these claims against the person accused of the original crime. Both are unproven allegations until proven in court. Anyone who is claiming this case has been proven to be a hoax is making a false claim. Nothing has been proven.

Selling your story to the National Enquirer is proof of nothing related to the original claim. If it were then everyone who has ever sold their story must be a liar. Yet this blanket claim is clearly false. People can and do sell the truth to media outlets.

The woman's failed polygraph is also presented as evidence, but polygraphs are not proof. People who are innocent can fail them and people who are guilty can pass them.

Thanking the hotel management for referrals after an alleged crime at that hotel by a referred client is also not proof. There are practical reasons to not mention an assault.

Not providing requested material to the police and prosecutors is also not proof. If it becomes clear in a crime victim's mind that investigators have turned on them it makes perfect sense to not volunteer any material to people who seem likely to view that material through their biased filter.

These items do explain why the decision was made that the original allegations against Al Gore cannot be proven in court. But that is different from making a claim that Al Gore has been proven innocent. None if the supporting items given by the DA's office provide any proof that Al Gore is innocent.

The reality is that there are many cases where nothing can be proven in criminal court and the just thing to do is to openly acknowledge this even if those making the announcement believe they know the truth. When officials fail to acknowledge all that has not been proven many people add cases such as this one against Al Gore to their list of proven hoaxes and then they will use an unproven hoax to instantly cast doubt on the next allegation against someone who is famous.

This is negligent and must never be tolerated.

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